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NetUno introduces IPTV in Panama

NetUno launches IP TV installation on one of the largest hotels in Latin America, Megapolis Hard Rock.

NetUno, went a step further to make available to the public the most advanced telecommunications technology. This time it's the launch of television in the Internet Protocol IPTV in one of the largest hotels in Latin America, Megapolis Hard Rock, which opened last April 16 in Panama City, Panama.

Minionis Gilbert, CEO of NetUno says NetUno's participation in this great project was carried out in its role as technology partner of Viva Communications in Panama, the only Latin American company that offers subscription television services only and exclusively on the protocol Internet.

"We are extremely pleased with everything NetUno team that participated in the implementation of this project, once again demonstrating its excellent know-how in telecommunications," said Minionis. "Again, we pioneered national - and international this time - to work successfully with advanced technologies and considerable sophistication."

According Minionis, advanced IPTV in the world in the last five years is due to the rapid development of broadband that allows, in turn, implement technologies for multimedia services, as appreciated by consumers. This includes television services, video, audio, text, graphics and data, which as in the case of IPTV are transported through a suite of Internet protocol. The interactivity that consumers want both also enhanced by this technology.

The Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis Panama, in 1536 and third rooms with IPTV in Latin America, guests can view from your room live TV channels for your country of origin, access to content on demand (VOD) and various information on ordering from the hotel food, make reservations, view the channels of your country, see your account, check-out, among other services, all integrated into a single set-top box and IPTV delivered pure.

"We are confident that the successful deployment of IPTV in Megapolis Panama encourage Hard Rock to hotels and hospital in Panama and Venezuela to focus on this technology. In NetUno, we are always willing to bring the latest in telecom services to the public in our country and beyond, "he said Minionis.

"The hospitality solution that runs on IPTV networks Viva, was implemented with the support of INGEsuite of Spain and the support of members of Viva Communications in Panama," said Gene Ramon, Vice President and CEO of Viva NetUno Communications in Panama, responsible for leadership and implementation of this solution.