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Patton sends thousands of VoIP gateways BRI SmartNode, as the new model becomes available

 Patton recently announced the general availability of two new SmartNode family members: the SmartNode 4120 Single / Dual-Port BRI VoIP gateway and the SN-DTA Singe / Digital dual-port BRI VoIP Terminal Adapter.
Patton BRI new VoIP product lines are now in full production, as thousands of orders of single / two SmartNode 4120 BRI gateways and DTA SmartNode (TM) have been met. Patton currently ships hundreds of units on a monthly basis.
The new SKUs SmartNode aims to broaden the range of NT / TE combinations of ports and add the following improvements: PSTN fallback, phantom power and a high-precision clock that eliminates the common problems of interoperability with DECT, PBX and FAX in VoIP implementations.
- The new single port gateway TE (SN4120/1BIS2V) and two NT ports gateway (SN-DTA/2BIS4V) offer cost effective solutions for specialized customer applications.
- The dual-port SN-DTA/2BIS4VHP provides high precision clock Patton, allowing front line IP telephone with fax reliable performance and modern services often problematic in ISDN and DECTenvironments.
- The SN-DTA/2BIS2V provides a port reservation with built-in phantom power that delivers power to devices connected to the ISDN port always reserve is not in use or if an existing reservation line is removed.
"ISDN users are very demanding," said Bernhard Fluehmann, Patton Converged IP Product Manager. "However, the quality and reliability SmartNode have earned great respect within the community ISDN. BRI's new solutions are very well received. Expect the same enthusiasm for the new digital-analog hybrid due soon."
Patton is currently developing a VoIP router that offers up to 8 BRI, up to 8 analog ports FXS or FXO interfaces and 4 Ethernet ports. The business-class SmartNode is designed to enable support for IP-PBX ISDN, analog phone / fax / answering machine, and / or analog audio and intercom systems with a single device.
Two weeks ago, Patton SmartNode released 10200 carrier-grade VoIP Media Gateway Series, which supports up to 2048 voice or fax calls through T1/E1, DS3 or logs with signage STM-1/OC3 SS7. Last year, extended Patton SmartNode line of the PRI Gateway by adding three new series of models.
With numerous successful implementations of ISDN, including one of the first in Europe to bring to the forefront of VoIP services - SmartNode recently won brand recognition for their products in the awards given by the Intenet Telephony magazine.