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Siemens launch new Session Border Controller for Secure VoIP

For Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEC), no more selling third-party session border controller (SBC) technology, the company has released its own SBC to bring better Voice over IP (VoIP) security and reduce cost to OpenScape Voice customers.

According to Michael Leo, senior marketing manager at SEC, the SBC was designed specifically for OpenScape to address security and interoperability issues plaguing many SIP-based VoIP traffic. The SBC was geared for SIP trunking termination from multiple service providers, makes communications among remote workers and its deployment easy and cost-effective.

“There has been an increase of service providers deploying SIP trunking and an increasing number of organizations deploying remote worker and contact center environments, not to mention the widespread use of cloud services. And in almost all of these scenarios there was a session border controller protecting the lines,” Leo said.

And with the increasing number of enterprises deploying SIP trunking as a way to cut costs, SBC at the enterprise edge is becoming more common in environments, especially those that use VoIP communications. Leo added, “With SIP technology there is always a question of how secure the VoIP traffic is.”

Their SBC is based on Linux, open software app designed specifically for OpenScape Voice customers. “We’re not out to sell it on other VoIP systems,” Leo said. What’s more Voice users will find it familiar since it looks and feel the same as OpenScape Voice, he added.

OpenScape SBC cuts a SIP session outside of the enterprise voice network, makes sure that the traffic comes from an authorized source and has no irregularities, and only then allows voice traffic to pass to the enterprise LAN. This process protects the voice network while still enabling seamless communication for enterprise, remote workers, hosted services or branch locations. Leo said that OpenScape SBC is able to support up to 4,000 simultaneous sessions on a single server, up to 15,000 sessions.
"SIP-based communications will be omnipresent one day, so SBC functionality must be as well," said Zeus Kerravala, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Research, The Yankee Group. He said that the OpenScape SBC is addressing the need to provide cost-effective SBC functionality to customers of all sizes.

Jeff Graham, Chief Technology Officer, Shared Technologies, said that they want to be sure that that their customers have the appropriate security in place with OpenScape SBC and it will add more value for their enterprise customers.

OpenScape SBC is ready for OpenScape Voice, while SEC will make the technology available to its HiPath 4000 install base by the end of the 2011.