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Upgraded Nimbuzz Comes to Symbian Devices

There’s no Skype yet in Nimbuzz, a popular cross platform instant messaging client for Symbian Series 60 ^3 devices, but it has added every other possible feature for instant messaging. Version 3.0 came out last year with a lot of improvements, and today we have version 3.01 bringing more new features and bug fixes. Nimbuzz messenger will continue to be available for S40 devices.

The new Nimbuzz 3.01 platform brings the much needed call quality indicator, which will tell the caller about the call quality available basing upon the network load. This important information will appear in the calling screen, right before you place the call. Nimbuzz developers are also working on bringing HD call quality in the next version.

With direct peer to peer connectivity, users will get improved VOIP call quality which should also reduce instances of dropped calls as compared to the earlier version - the rating is based on the speed of your current internet connection.

One of the favorite features of many is the fast group selection. With a simple click of the mouse on the Friends Bar, located right below your profile photo in the contact list, you will get a pop up message with all the available groups so you can easily view - either only your friends from Facebook, only phone numbers or your favorite friends. The app also has Last Seen Online, which shows you the last time your friend was seen on Nimbuzz.

Another new 'messenger' feature in the updated IM client makes better use of the available space, giving users the option to chat in full screen mode - with one tap; you can hide the top navigation bar and the menu bar.  The chat window also features chat bubbles, bringing an iPhone-like chat experience to your Nokia Symbian phone.

Nimbuzz users can now also choose the custom wallpapers, an avatar or a color from the gallery to display as background for chats – users can also pick their favorite chat text colors. The new avatars from N-World are free to use for the profile picture.

Users with a series 60 Symbian smartphone can easily upgrade the application directly from Nokia’s online OVI market or they can download the client from However, other Symbian users will have to be patient as there is no information on the s40 version of the new Nimbuzz application.