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A Florida-based VoIP carrier cites net neutrality and filed a complaint against a Georgia utility and broadband provider, after the utility company was accused of stealing VoIP services using the network to deliver voice services without even paying for it.

L2Networks files a net neutrality complaint at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Tuesday, the first formal complaint for the FCC net neutrality rules passed last December 2010.

News has spread that the FBI has formed a Domestic Communications Assistance Center, which is tasked with developing a new electronic monitoring technology, including intercepting Internet, wireless, and VoIP communications.

The FBI has recently formed a secret surveillance unit in a grand goal of inventing a technology to let the police easily eavesdrop on Internet and wireless communications.

Asia Pacific is undergoing a boom in digital TV with a penetration seen in the increase from 36% in 2011 to 83% in 2017, around 440mn new homes added to the digital TV service, according to a new report from the United Kingdom firm Digital TV Research.

China alone is expected to provide additional 268mn digital TV homes, with India adding an additional 82mn. The two countries are described as having a "huge" influence over the region, largely because their population of 1 billion-plus. By 2017, they are expected to provide digital TV home 541mn combined or three-quarters of the total Asia Pacific.

A federal judge sentenced two men to various prison terms for their roles in a telecom fraud scheme that netted more than $ 4.4 million, the US Department of Justice said recently.

New native SDK for Android lets mobile developers easily add voice to a part of their apps. Twilio, a provider of communications in the cloud, is announcing the launch of Twilio Client for Android. The product, which is a software development kit (SDK) makes incredibly easy for mobile developers to integrate voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities to their applications in Android, it is important to any part of an app into a fully functional VoIP telephone. In addition to the recently announced iOS SDK, Android SDK release means Twilio Client is now available for 75% of global smartphones, according to recent data from Gartner.

With British punctuality, like any good star that claims to be, the more than two thousand journalists accredited for the media event were able to attend live and direct coming -the most powerful smart phone manufactured by the Korean giant Samsung. It confirmed some of the information brought in and taken over for months, as the size of the device screen, 4.8 inches, becomes the largest in the market for mobile phone.

Telefónica has announced the launch of Tu Me, a free application that allows users to communicate and share information through a smartphone. You may say that Telefonica has just launched its own WhatsApp, although with VoIP calls. For now, it is only available to iPhone, but soon to be on Android devices.

No cell phone calls are allowed on planes, but what if you are using a VOIP service, which is using your flight's wi-fi? That should be fine, right? You might think so, but apparently the answer is still no.

NetUno, went a step further to make available to the public the most advanced telecommunications technology. This time it's the launch of television in the Internet Protocol IPTV in one of the largest hotels in Latin America, Megapolis Hard Rock, which opened last April 16 in Panama City, Panama.

Internet telephone calls in the US are fast becoming a national security threat that must be countered with new police wiretap rules, according to an FBI proposal presented quietly to government regulators this month.

Skype has announced the upgrade of its mobile application for iPhone and iPad. The company has introduced new features like the ability to move the video preview and improvements in performance and design of various elements. Terminal users with the IOS operating system 4.3 and later can now update the application.

Microsoft’s communications service Skype has been available in versions for Android, iPhone, iPad and Symbian for quite a while, and finally the first beta version is now also available for Windows Phone.

San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco, the world's leading maker of networking gear, faces ever increasing competitive pressure from China-based Huawei, which is currently second worldwide. Huawei is expanding its business from telecom customers to targeting other types of enterprise customers, including known financial institutions and health care organizations in North America and everywhere. However, these are also among Cisco’s markets.

Telefonica will launch on May 1 its new pricing plan for mobile Internet - reducing its fares from twelve to three charges, which are common to all devices, from smartphones, 'tablets' or USB modems, according to the company.

Researchers responsible for SES Astra Ibérica have met the media recently in Madrid, and presented the results of Satellite Monitor Study conducted jointly with Canal +. Luis Sahún, Head of SES Astra Ibérica has been in charge of presenting the findings, but he just talked about the origin of this study and the status of audiovisual and DTT in Spain.

"We have been working on this project since 1993 in Spain. We are industry leaders in our country but have not been recognized.

Skype reports from its official company blog that the company has set a new record – 40 million users. This is a record for 40 million users that have used the service at the same time once, something that happens for the first time in its history. The previous figure recorded in March, was 35 million simultaneous users. In short, this growth bodes well for the future.

The software giant is looking for experts to create a web version of Skype based on HTML 5 and Java. Microsoft has posted a job opening in which asked developers to bring their expertise to the web. The job offer has triggered rumors about Microsoft's intention to create a web version of Skype based on HTML 5 and Java.

Together with Alcatel-Lucent, Vermont Telephone Company (VTel) recently announced plans to expand the availability of high speed broadband services such as Internet TV (IPTV) and video-on-demand to subscribers in its telephone service territory in Southern Vermont.

Telappliant published findings from a new study which revealed that almost 7 out of 10 businesses in the UK will be using VoIP serrvices by 2013. The survey, which questioned 100 UK businesses from various industries, indicate that 41 percent of UK companies are already actively using VoIP telephony to improve efficiencies within their business, while a further 25 percent have plans to review and implement VoIP within one year. The data also showed that businesses with a workforce of 100 - 500 people are embracing the technology faster than smaller businesses.

Cisco recently announced an update to its line of small business networking, which includes routers and access points that ultimately support the current generation of Wi-Fi. The products are now available. Although many small businesses use network equipment at the consumer level, Cisco products said that they will serve those who require more support and security for remote users and local VoIP telephone systems, and cloud applications.

The Karlsruhe TV portal specialist VideoWeb, in collaboration with Zattoo, recently for the first time allowed a linear live TV service via the Internet to stream directly to your TV. The online TV application now continues to bring more market premieres of the new Teletext and HbbTV which will include RedButton function of the flat screen TV.

Siemens Enterprise Communications presented the results of its "State of the communications business in 2012," which shows that IP infrastructure can save companies 43% compared to traditional PBX systems.

The study said that during the migration to IP environment, business can reduce risk and protect existing investments. The most common is that companies will use this infrastructure together with PBX systems, as stated 91% of respondents.

Skype seems to go from strength to strength and is looking for new staff. Specifically, the company now owned by Microsoft is hosting a recruitment drive to expand its workforce by 400 people. In principle, most of the positions to be filled are for their offices in London and Stockholm, but soon will hire new staff for other cities. Once all the new positions are filled, Skype expects to have 1,600 employees worldwide.

Rupert Murdoch's media giant is once more involved into a new hacking scandal, accused of killing rival TV company. This time News Corp is accused of eliminating a rival to its Sky TV empire in the United Kingdom by hacking into its IT systems – with the help of a German hacker and a clandestine website NDS, a secretly News co-owned company.