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Uzbektelecom, the state-owned telecommunications provider for Uzbekistan, has put out to tender an order for almost $1 million in hardware, software and implementation services to launch a nascent IPTV offering in the country. The tender is open for submissions until July 14th, 2011.


English Text of Tender terms below taken from :

An Arizona voice over IP provider has sued Apple over its use of the iCloud name, claiming the tech giant's use of it infringes on its trademark and causes confusion over competing products. In a lawsuit filed Thursday at the US District Court of Arizona, a company named iCloud Communications, LLC seeks an injunction against Apple's use of the iCloud name, as well as an unspecified amount of monetary compensation for damages.

The U.S. government is leading an international effort to distribute “shadow” Internet and cell phone systems that dissidents can use to counter repressive regimes that aims to silence them by censoring or shutting down vital telecommunications networks.

The effort includes secret projects to assemble independent mobile phone networks inside said countries, as well as one covert operation in a fifth-floor shop on L Streetin Washington, D.C., where a group of scraggly-looking young men are fitting deceptively innocent-looking computer hardware into a prototype “Internet in a suitcase.”

Rebtel considered to be one of the biggest competitors to Skype, is banking on the said company to not develop fast enough on providing services for smartphone users. Skype does offer mobile applications, but it has been rather sluggish in launching and improving them.

The snom 3xx series has been validated by Interactive Intelligence for use with the company’s all-in-one IP communications software suite for contact centers and enterprises. snom technology announced today that its snom 3xx series IP desktop phones have passed interoperability testing for use with Interactive Intelligence’s all-in-one IP communications software suite, the Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

In-Stat ( reports that the IP phone industry will continue to see growth right through 2015 at which time global sales will exceed 40 million handsets. A big driver for this growth is the enterprise space where IP TDM networks are constantly being replaced or upgraded to IP Communications.

The report also says that 

British Telecom (BT) will change the majority of its broadband network to use multicast routers starting next year. This means that complete IPTV services, using quality of service protocols, could then be launched for the first time on the BT network.

India’s Intelligence Bureau (IB) wants all mobile phone companies to keep call data records, or details of all phone calls made by their customers, for a period of five years. This move was strongly opposed by the said companies citing additional operational costs. Currently, telcos store call records only for six months.

Bamboom Labs, a new IPTV provider, said it will let you watch live broadcast TV anywhere you can get Internet connection, on whatever device you want. This company could potentially threaten the revenues of broadcasters and pay-TV operators.

Sweden-based company freephoo recently released their free iPad application on the Swedish App Store. After downloading and installing freephoo, a customer can make free calls to other freephoo users and cheap calls to both fixed-line and mobile phones.

Many Skype users are having problems logging into Skype this morning. Many were disgruntled since a lot of their businesses rely on the online telephony service for their communications. Skype issued a press statement Thursday morning, stating “Some of you may have problems signing in to the Skype service and making calls

Together with computer experts, linguistics researchers at the University of North Carolina have demonstrated that even when encrypted, VoIP phone conversations are not as secure as popularly thought. The team recently released their findings at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in Oakland California.

After being founded during a wave of national interest in internet telephony, and after losing millions of dollars in investments, Australian company Freshtel has announced it will finally close down its VoIP services and go into mining instead. When the company first launched in January 2004, most of Australia’s consumers still used traditional telephones connected to Telstra’s PSTN network.

Skype has ended its long partnership with open-source Digium Asterisk VoIP PBX, subsequently terminating Skype for Asterisk, which integrated the VOIP service with the open-source telephony platform. After Microsoft announced that it would acquire Skype, the popular VoIP provider has begun distancing itself with open-sourced. Asterisk was the first to go.

A New Jersey man pleads guilty in federal court yesterday to his role in an elaborate scheme to steal more than US$4.4 million from VoIP providers, including AT&T and Verizon, officials said. Vinod Tonangi, 32, of Guttenberg, Hudson County admitted that he and his cohorts set up shell companies - with no operations – and purported to be established VOIP wholesalers.

Sweden’s telecommunications companies reported that about 60% of the country’s mobile market composed of 3G subscribers in 2010. According to the market research report published by the country’s incumbent operator, TeliaSonera, Swedish-based international operator Tele2, Norwegian incumbent operator Telenor and international conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa´s subsidiary Hi3G, there were 643,000 net additions in 2010, compared to 609,000 in 2009.

The smartphone market in China has been expanding at a rapid pace as both Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iPhone vie for majority stakes in the Chinese market. Today, the iPhone is available from China Unicorn, the largest of the country's three wireless carriers, but talks have began in earnest between China Telecom Corp Ltd, the smallest of the three players, and Apple Inc to introduce iPhones based on CDMA technology, according to news reports.

The California bill requires police to get a warrant before searching cell phones, according to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a US-based civil liberties group. EFF said their organization is proud to support SB 914 and is calling for more supporters in passing the bill in the US Senate.

German security researchers discovered that an astonishing 99.7% of Android smartphones leak unencrypted data when one logins to Google services. Hackers sniffing for this data over wireless connections could gain access to information stored in the cloud, so claimed by Bastian Könings, Jens Nickels, and Florian Schaub from the University of Ulm.

3CX, international telecommunications developer, today announced the availability of 3CX Phone System version 10. This new release includes a new user-friendly web-based app, 3CX MyPhone. Other PBX’s that include unified communications do not make features such as conferencing easily accessible for the end user. The new 3CX MyPhone portal makes it easier for users to take advantage of advanced unified communications and VoIP features by bringing conferencing, presence, transferring of calls and other rich features together in one easy to use application.

There’s no Skype yet in Nimbuzz, a popular cross platform instant messaging client for Symbian Series 60 ^3 devices, but it has added every other possible feature for instant messaging. Version 3.0 came out last year with a lot of improvements, and today we have version 3.01 bringing more new features and bug fixes.

Businesses using the popular IP phones sold by Cisco Systems were vulnerable of having their communications tapped and confidential information exposed, according to hacking experts. They said the default settings in the internet phones allow them to be turned into remote bugging devices that can intercept confidential communications.

For Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEC), no more selling third-party session border controller (SBC) technology, the company has released its own SBC to bring better Voice over IP (VoIP) security and reduce cost to OpenScape Voice customers. According to Michael Leo, senior marketing manager at SEC, the SBC was designed specifically for OpenScape to address security and interoperability issues plaguing many SIP-based VoIP traffic.

In the recent past, there has always been confusion around the reliability of 911 calls using IP telephony. US Federal Communications Commission site even states: “Not all VoIP services connect directly to emergency services through 911.”