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Story by Charlotte Wolter

Though VoIP has been challenged to comply with the traditional e911 system, the same cannot be said for new systems designed to provide seamless communication for first responders and emergency services, even when communication infrastructure has been widely destroyed by monstrosities such as a hurricanes.

Two new services -one for municipalities trying to unite disparate radio systems and another for communication in large-scale disasters-use VoIP as the unifying technology connecting the other elements of the system.

Mitel Networks has been chosen by the government of The Netherlands for a six-year contract to deploy voice over IP to more than 50,000 phones in 96 divisions of the government.

Story by Charlotte Wolter

The announcement by Verizon Wireless that it is preparing to open its networks to third-party devices and services comes at a time when wireless itself is poised for a change. The announcement was not dignified by a formal press release but rather came in the form of comments made to reporters by CEO Lowell McAdam and others with the company.

1. Verizon Launches Remote AVVID Mgmt & Monitoring
Verizon has launched IPT Watch, a service that remotely manages and monitors IP networks driven by Cisco's AVVID. The company offers three levels of service including device management, fault monitoring and performance monitoring.

1. Arris Introduces VoIP over Cable Planning Solution

Symbol Introduces Wireless IP Telephony System

Symbol Technologies has announced the availability of a wireless phone system based on voice over IP technology. The NetVision phone system will provide wireless real time multimedia teleconferencing over the Internet and corporate intranets. The system will use a NetVision wireless handset, which looks like a cell phone, to provide wireless connectivity to telephones or PC phones located within an internal TCP/IP network.