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Global IPTV subscriptions expected to triple

A new report from Digital TV Research assessed the growth will be driven by China, which will see a amazing increase from the present 14 million to some 77 million in 2017, representing 47% of the global market.

Simon Murray, report author, supposed: “Some may be surprised to see the United States in second place by 2017 with 14.4 million subscriptions. US telecoms are aggressively marketing their IPTV products, with both Fios and U-Verse appearing in the top 10 pay TV operators.”

Of the 114 million subscribers to be added between 2011 and 2017, some 86 million will be from the Asia-Pacific region – or three-quarters of the new subscribers. India will be supplying 7.2 million more IPTV subscribers, up from a very low base at end-2011.

A House of Lords committee has told the British government to consider the possibility of ending the "wasteful" broadcast of television content over the airwaves. In a report on the UK's broadband infrastructure published recently, the House recommends that the rise of IPTV presents an opportunity to free up spectrum for mobile devices.

A lawyer for Apple told a jury recently that bitter rival Samsung faced two choices to compete in the booming mobile phone market after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007: Innovate or copy.

Rebtel, the world's largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, recently announced the launch of Rebtel for Windows Phone. The app is available for free from now on Windows Marketplace and allows anyone to produce high quality cheap international calls to friends and family thanks to the local Rebtel number of networks available more than 50 countries. Now, Windows Phone app joined the fleet of existing offerings of currently available Rebtel app for iPhone, Android, iPad, Android tablet.

Lync platform used by MindLink for social network business

Instead of the traditional SharePoint as their collaboration point, MindLink have opted to use Lync’s unified communications platform for their social sharing. The principal difference is that those who use SharePoint as a social platform fill in the gaps and loopholes, while MindLink have built their social platform around Lync, a unified communications solution from Microsoft.

The unified communications game has changed for the Olympics this year. Here's how some of the top competitors are approaching it. The summer Olympics in London will take off with the opening ceremony commencing this Friday, and the game this year is different than the Beijing Games for a number of reasons.

New surveillance laws being planned in countries from the U.S. to Australia would compel makers of online chat software to build in backdoors for wiretapping. Since launch, Skype has been regarded as private, with its strong encryption and complex peer-to-peer network connections making calls almost impossible to intercept. For some time now, the popular video chat service has resisted taking part in online surveillance. However since Microsoft acquired it though, that may have changed today. And we won’t know about it.

ShoreTel, the foremost provider of cloud-based business phone system and communication solutions with fully integrated unified communications (UC), revealed its participation in the deployment of Scottsdale Unified School District’s eCoach, a first of its kind mobile learning and technology training tech public bus.

Blackbelt TV finalizes deal to launch with Canalsat in 51 countries

Blackbelt TV is taking its distribution fight across the globe. The mixed martial arts channel has pinned a distribution agreement with Canalsat, the subscription TV and IPTV service that will see it launch in 51 nations in most of Europe and Africa.

The agreement, financial terms of which were not yet disclosed, will start with a phased rollout, beginning in France on Sept. 18. All of the telecasts will be delivered in French.

Zipit Wireless has launched its Zipit Confirm secure-messaging app for iOS and Android that is fitting for use by physicians and health care staff. The company also improved its Zipit Now handheld with VOIP capabilities on Verizon's network.

Zipit, a provider of wireless connectivity for mobile devices, has released an application called Zipit Confirm that lets doctors and clinicians connect using secure messaging.

Skype users were sending IMs that were going to the wrong recipients, many of whom were not even their contacts. However, the VoIP service previously denies it is a big issue and insists it affects just "small number of users" and called the pesky bug a "very rare occurrence."

The number of mobile phone calls made in the UK has dropped for the first time, while the text-based communications continues to take over, according to telecoms regulator Ofcom. Ofcom compiles a 'Communications Market Report' once a year, and this time around it found SMS use to be soaring, with the use of social networking as a means of communication.

Global VoIP maket projected to grow 7.1 percent by 2015

Truphone was indicated in a recent report by market research firm TechNavio, who is predicting that the global market for VoIP services will increase substantially at an annual growth rate of 7.1 percent from 2011 to 2015. The low cost of VoIP services and the growing use of session initiation protocol (SIP) is attributed to the continued expansion, but complexity of deployment may add to challenges for future growth.

The global market for Ad Insertion Servers is seen to reach US$235.7 million by the year 2018, driven mostly by the global media’s transition towards digital format, and the increasing demand for high quality video content over satellite, Internet, cable and IPTV networks. Widespread awareness about revenue enhancing potential of targeted advertising also favors growth in the Ad Insertion market. Market is also favored by the declining cost of Ad and Video Servers, which enables their adoption across a wider market segment.

Mitel, a provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions, releases the Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point, an innovative device designed explicitly for the personal office meeting space perfect for office managers. Developed in response to Mitel’s understanding of customer and market demand for simpler and more cost-effective collaboration tools, UC360TM Collaboration Point is a collaboration application that combines multi-party HD video and audio with in-room presentation display and document sharing for remote participants.

VoIP users now have a choice of endpoints, including Toshiba’s IP5000-series desk telephones, IP4100 wireless telephones and Call Manager with integrated voice. Toshiba America Information Systems announced recently the launch of VIPedge, a cloud-based business telephone solution that enables companies to pay a monthly service fee—scalable to meet system size and usage needs.

Dishworld IPTV's new Roku players bring in a new future for IPTV live streaming

Dishworld IPTV recently said its partnership with Roku and the rollout of new Roku players to be used for Dishworld’s live streaming international TV via internet protocol to subscribers’ TV sets. Designed to be used with Dishworld IPTV’s many subscription plans, the Roku player allows subscribers to watch streaming television anywhere and everywhere in the home if they have a high-speed wireless broadband connection and a Dishworld subscription.

In the last few months, the Nigerian telecommunications sector is embroiled in near crisis. Hardly any weeks have passed within the period of dispute between telecommunications operators and a government agency.

Verizon Wireless' overhaul of their mobile data pricing has been restructured to head off Apple and possibly others in offering Internet calling plans. So said Citigroup analyst Simon Weeden in a report published recently.

Visiongain, an independent business information provider for the Telecoms, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Energy and Metals industries, the author of a recent report looking at mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market over 2012 - 2017. The report examines both the mobile VoIP market and the impact that LTE is the mobile VoIP. In the current VoIP market, it sees revenue up to $ 2.5 billion.

YouView on again with 'launch event' set for next week

Britain's on-again, off-again YouView IPTV service is apparently on-again, according to several reports. All of which is odd considering many just a few weeks ago had declared it over. Now, according to some sources, YouView's not only kicking off an in-home trial but is "set to reveal the timetable for … launch, presumably timed to coincide with the summer's Olympic coverage."

MediaTek this week unveiled its new dual-core chipset for sub-$ 200 Android smartphone Ice Cream Sandwich that combines a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 application processor, an imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX GPU Series5, and MediaTek's own 3G/HSPA modem.

Good old cable TV will continue to be leading the way in which consumers around the world get their pay-TV service, but its reign at the top may be nearing an end, according to a report by Infonetics Research estimates and study of telco IPTV, video cable and satellite video services.

TiVo has its very first pure IPTV play. Com hem of Swedish IPTV provider has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the US-based company DVR under which Com Hem’s 1.74 million connected households have access to traditional TV content, VoD, OTT and applications by traditional TV viewing methods.