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1. TMC's VoIP Developer's Conference To Be Held in S.F. Aug 2-4
TMC will host the VoIP Developer's Conference in San Francisco at the Four Points Sheraton from August 2-4. The event will include dozens of sessions as well as an exhibit hall.

There will be more than 45 sessions, each associated with one of several tracks, which include essential issues, hardware, SIP development, SIPfoundry, software, and wireless development trends. Extensive session descriptions are available on the event web site.

1. Adtran Introduces Family of IADs
Adtran has introduced Total Access 900, a series of IADs designed to function as a SIP gateway to overlay additional services to customers, a registrar for IP phones, and a B2BUA to facilitate remote survivability and NAT. The IADs are also ideal for hosted PBX and IP Centrex applications. The 900 series provides support for 12, 16, or 24 fixed FXS ports.

The devices include a T1 port for WAN connectivity, a 10/ 100 Base T Ethernet port to connect PoE switches to network devices and a DSX-1 port to connect to a PBX.

1. Excel Introduces VoIP Media Gateway
Excel Switching has introduced IMG 1010, a media gateway platform that combines signaling, media, and SS7 in a 1u chassis. The gateway simultaneously supports SS7, CAS (R1/R2), SNMP, and H.323, with full interoperability among SS7, SIP, and H.323. The IMG 1010 can be used as a VoIP gateway, IP-IP transcoder, or back-to-back SIP User Agent.

1. Yahoo! Acquires Dialpad, Inching Closer to Embracing VoIP

1. PT Introduces Media Gateway Blade
Performance Technologies has introduced MG6000, a T1/E1 high-density media gateway blade. The blade has been designed to support a variety of applications such as IMS media gateways, access gateways, Class 5 replacement switches, media servers and wireless interworking functions.

1. MGE Introduces PoE Midspan and UPS Solution for VoIP
MGE has introduced a PoE midspan (power hub) that works in conjunction with a UPS to provide continuous power to remotely connected IP phones, wireless LANs, Bluetooth access points and IP powered video surveillance and security systems.

1. Veraz Introduces Hosted IP Centrex Solution
Veraz Networks has introduced Group Centrex Enhanced Subscriber Services Solution, a hosted IP Centrex service solution that allows service providers to offer standard IP Centrex, messaging, and conferencing to mid-sized businesses and enterprise branch offices.

1. FCC Rules Providers Must Provide 911 Access
In a decision that favors consumers, the FCC has unanimously ruled that VoIP service providers that connect to the PSTN must provide its customers with access to 911 services within the next 120 days. In addition, incumbent carriers are required to provide 911 infrastructure to VoIP service providers. Today's decision, which effects fixed VoIP lines and nomadic phones, follows legislation introduced yesterday by the House of Representatives requiring that the FCC establish 911 regulation for VoIP service providers.

1. Freescale Introduces 90nn Multi-core, Programmable DSPs
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced MSC8122 and MSC8126, 2 new 90nn, programmable DSPs with 4 cores on single dies. The DSPs deliver 2 GHz and 8 GMACs of processing power while dissipating 2 watts. The devices have been designed for computation intensive applications such as VoIP media gateways, radio network controllers, video multi- conferencing units, HSDPA support for basestations, and platforms for delivering voice, video, and data.

1. Cisco Introduces Wave of New Products; Acquires Sipura
Cisco Systems has introduced a wave of new products including routers, shared port adapters , SPA interface processors, and a call session control platform.

The vendor has unveiled the XR 12000 series of routers, designed around the company's new IOS XR operating system. The routers will be available in June, starting at $45,500. Upgrade options for the routers will start at $12,500. BellSouth is currently evaluating the technology.

1. CableLabs Certifies and Qualifies More PacketCable Gear
CableLabs has certified and qualified a new set of PacketCable equipment in Testing Wave 34 including 5 policy servers, 6 eMTAs, 2 CMTS units, 2 media gateways, 1 call management server and 1 cable modem.

1. AudioCodes Introduces New Analog VoIP Media Gateways
AudioCodes has introduced 3 new analog VoIP media gateway models including the MediaPack 112, 114, and 118, supporting 2, 4, and 8 ports of FXS and FXO connectivity, respectively. The gateways support a wide range of applications such as converged access, IP Centrex, fixed mobile convergence, and IP PBX. The technology features simultaneous mixed interfaces of FXS and FXO, survivability, guaranteed QoS, security, and standard billing interfaces.


1. TI Enhances Conferencing Solution within Gateway Design
Texas Instruments has released an enhanced version of its TNETV3010 VoIP gateway design, improving conferencing capabilities and adding a new echo canceller.

The conferencing solution now includes an integrated intelligent speaker selection algorithm, support for more conferencing bridges (up to 96 ports), and new conference participant add and remove capabilities.

1. AOL Launches Primary Line VoIP in 40+ U.S. Markets
AOL has launched VoIP services in more than 40 U.S. markets, offering a series of plans ranging from $23.99 per month for local service to $34.99 per month for local plus unlimited long distance calling within North America. All plans include call forwarding, call logs, online account management, click to dial functionality, and e911.

1. U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Case Defining Cable Services
On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard opening arguments in the battle over the classification of IP based cable services by the FCC. In 2002, the FCC declared cable be classified as an information service, but in late 2003, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that cable operators should be subject to the same regulations as telcos.

1. Texas Sues Vonage Over e911; Vonage Canada to Use HBF for e911
The state of Texas has filed a lawsuit under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act that accuses Vonage of failing to clearly inform customers they do not automatically receive e911 service with Vonage's phone service. The state is seeking $20,000 for each incident in which a Vonage consumer without the feature add-on tried unsuccessfully to reach e911 services. The number of cases has not been disclosed.

1. AOL to Launch VoIP Services in April
AOL will launch VoIP services to subscribers of its Internet access service in 44 U.S. markets in April. The service will be delivered using Level 3's network infrastructure and Sonus Networks' softswitch solution. Level 3 already provides the company with a network backbone for AOL's dialup net access services. Calling plans or features have not been disclosed, but the company did announce the service would support e911 and local number portability.

1. XO Communications Launches IP PBX Solution & Termination Services
XO Communications has launched both a new IP PBX solution and a termination service for calls destined for the U.S. XOptions Flex is an IP PBX that features dedicated Internet access up to 3 Mbps, dynamic bandwidth allocation, unlimited local and domestic long distance calling, and support for calling features such as call forwarding, 3-way calling and hunt groups. The system is offered at a flat monthly fee.

1. Infonetics Releases Studies on PBX, VoCable, and VoIP Markets
Infonetics Research has released a series of quarterly studies on different telecom market segments including PBX, VoCable, VoIP equipment, and Wi-Fi VoIP handsets. Enterprise Telephony tracks TDM PBX/KTS systems and hybrid and pure IP PBX systems in North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, CALA, and worldwide.

1. Verizon Likely to Acquire MCI; Both Boards Approve Offer
The boards for both Verizon and MCI have approved an offer by Verizon to acquire MCI for $6.75 billion in cash, shares and dividends. The offer was accepted despite a bid by Qwest that was valued at nearly $8 billion in cash and stock. Some shareholders wanted a better proposal from Verizon, but ultimately were most concerned about avoiding a deal with Qwest, which carries a debt load twice the amount of its stock market value.

1. Infonetics Releases Study of Wi-Fi Market
Infonetics Research has released Service Provider Plans for Wi-Fi and Wireless Broadband: North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific 2005, a study that examines the strategies, technology requirements, and network implementation plans of 24 fixed line and mobile service providers and wireless ISPs.

1. SBC to Acquire AT&T for $16 Billion
SBC Communications, a RBOC serving the western U.S., has agreed to acquire AT&T for $16 billion - surrendering Ma Bell's independence since its founding by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875. SBC is scooping up the telecom giant just as it is facing huge changes in its business model - moving out of traditional local exchange due to UNE-P regulations set by the FCC last year, and emerging back into the marketplace with VoIP.

1. Michael Powell to Resign as FCC Chairman in March
Michael Powell has publicly announced that he will leave his position as chairman and member of the FCC sometime in March of this year. The chairman has told reporters that he has not not been offered another job nor has he interviewed for any other public or private sector position. Instead, Powell has remained vague about his reasons for resigning, stating merely that it's logical to leave between administrations if you're not really interested in staying for the entire second presidency term.

1. InfiniRoute to Use Excel's Media Gateway
InfiniRoute, a San Francisco based VoIP peering solutions provider, will deploy Excel's IMG 1010 media gateway for SS7 to H.323 signaling and TDM to IP interconnections.

As part of the announcement, InfiniRoute said that DaVinci Integration would market and distribute its peering service in North and South America and the Caribbean.

In other news, InfiniRoute recently enhanced its MVP peering service to support wireless carriers.