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1. Ecuity Launching PC to Phone VoIP Service
Ecuity plans to launch V-Tone Home, a PC to phone VoIP service throughout the U.S. on January 3rd. The service will be offered to broadband Internet users and will be offered in conjunction with TeleSym's softphone. The provider is offering a calling package will unlimited calling within the U.S. for $30 per month. Other residential plans are available as well as business plans such as IP Centrex and IP PBX.

1. McLeodUSA Launches IP Business Services in 4 U.S. Markets
McLeodUSA has launched Preferred Advantage Dynamic Integrated Access, a converged IP based voice and data service to businesses in Denver, Dallas, Chicago and Detroit. The service includes 17 local calling features, abbreviated dialing, and free site to site calling between other service locations.

The provider plans to extend the service to 35 U.S. markets by the second half of 2005.


1. ABI Releases Study on Residential VoIP Market
ABI Research has released Residential VoIP Markets: Cable, DSL, WiMax, Hosted IP Telephony Subscribers and CPE, a study that identifies market drivers, barriers and opportunities. Forecasts are provided for subscribers, subscriber revenue, CPE shipments, and CPE revenue.

1. AT&T Extends VPN Capabilities and Adds New CallVantage Features
AT&T has announced new capabilities and features for both its global IP VPN service and its residential CallVantage VoIP service.

1. Vonage & VoicePulse Plan Respective Video Phone Services
Vonage and VoicePulse have each introduced plans to add video phone services as options to their respective consumer VoIP services. VoicePulse did not name a technology partner for the initiative, but did say that it plans to launch the service in the second half of next year. Vonage will use Viseon's video phones including its business video phone known as the VisiFone and its consumer designed video phone, the VisiFone 2.

1. Covad Launches IP PBX Services to SMBs in 125 U.S. Markets
Covad Communications has expanded its IP PBX services to serve SMBs in 125 major U.S. markets including 900 cities. The provider is offering PBXi, a PBX solution that uses existing PBX equipment and vPBX, a pure IP PBX solution. With both services, Covad will carry voice and data traffic over its nationwide DSL network.

1. RNK Introduces Consumer VoIP Phone Service for Life Calling Plan
RNK Telecom, a CLEC based in Massachusetts, has introduced a new primary line residential and business VoIP calling plan that allows customers to pay a one-time flat fee of $999 (amount does not include taxes and surcharges) for phone service for life. Subscribers will unlimited inbound and outbound local and long distance calling within the U.S., Canada, and 20 other countries (some with restrictions to select cities).

1. SunRocket Introduces New Promotion; Names Technology Partners
SunRocket, an emerging primary line residential VoIP service provider, has launched Annual Gift Edition, a new calling plan that provides consumers with the option to get 12 months of unlimited U.S. calling and 100 free minutes of international calling, plus a Uniden cordless phone with 2 handsets, all for a flat net fee of $199 (no activation fee, no equipment charge, no shipping charge, or additional taxes). The plan includes 2 phone numbers and a dozen calling features.

1. Infonetics Releases Quarterly Study of PBX Market
Infonetics has released its Q3 version of Enterprise Telephony, an ongoing study that tracks TDM, hybrid, and pure IP PBX systems, providing forecasts and regional breakdowns. Companies tracked in the report include 3Com, Aastra, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, EADS, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, ShoreTel, Siemens, Sphere, Swyx, Toshiba, Vertical Networks, and Zultys.

1. Alltel, Axtel, Cable Onda, & Completel to Deploy Nortel's VoIP Gear

1. Pronexus & Intel Unveil Enterprise VoIP Application Development Kit

1. Wolfson Introduces CODEC for VoIP and Digital Phones
Wolfson Microelectronics has introduced WM8510, a mono CODEC designed for VoIP devices and digital phones. The CODEC supports multiple digital phone applications such as desktop phones, conference speakerphones, and mobile telephone hands-free kits.

1. LSI Logic Unveils Line of DSP Solutions for Voice Applications
LSI Logic has introduced Z.Voice, a family of DSP solutions for the development of equipment that would support voice applications such as VoWi-Fi in cell phones and cordless phones, voice ports in DSL and cable modems, residential gateways and SOHO routers. The line includes products that provide varying levels of support for VoIP channels, ranging from 2 to 32 channels.

1. CableLabs Issues RFI for Integrated DOCSIS Access Device
CableLabs, a U.S. consortium of MSOs that provides research and development for cable telecom technologies, has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for an integrated DOCSIS access device that would enable cable operators to offer voice and data services for small business and commercial customers. The device would be similar to a multi-line multimedia terminal adapter, but would include DS1 ciruit emulation via IP over DOCSIS.

1. Kagoor Introduces SBC for Carriers and Large Service Providers
Kagoor Networks has introduced VoiceFlow 4000, a session border controller (SBC) designed to support carrier to carrier peering and line side services such as IP Centrex and hosted IP telephony services with thousands of endpoints. The product is targeted at Tier 1 carriers, Tier 1 and 2 service providers, large MSOs, mobile carriers, and ISPs. The SBC is capable of carrying more than 100,000 concurrent calls and deliver 750 calls per second.

1. Hot Telecom to Launch VoCable in Israel

1. Agere Unveils 4 Gbe Switches and a Gbe Octal PHY

1. Cisco Enhances CallManager with Greater Security
Cisco has released version 4.1 of CallManager with added security support for its 7940G and 7960G IP phones and its media gateways associated with its Integrated Services Router line. The voice media and signaling encryption has been improved for these devices based on the implementation of new, wide range of Q.SIG enhancements. Other improvements of the new release include features related to call routing functionality, and those that will have an impact on cost control and call tracking.

1. SunRocket Launches Primary Line Residential VoIP Service
SunRocket has launched Signature Service, a primary line residential VoIP service that provides subscribers with unlimited North American calling and an allotment of international minutes for select destinations for $24.95 per month. The service supports multiple calling features such as enhanced voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, and call forwarding.

1. Blue Lava Software Introduces IP PBX
Blue Lava Software, a startup headed by Jeff Pulver, has introduced VoIP PBX in a Box, a SIP based IP PBX system that supports up to 50 users. The IP PBX consists of an Intel based computer, system software, 2 hardware SIP phones (Grandstream BudgeTone 101), an Ethernet hub and cables.

1. Zyxel Introduces 2 New VoIP ATAs
Zyxel Communications has introduced two new SIP based ATAs including the P-2002 and the P-2002L. Both feature two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces and two phone ports for converting traditional analog phone sets into IP phones.

1. Speakeasy, On-Instant, & Champion to Use Level 3's Services
Level 3 has announced agreements with a few emerging service providers, enabling them to extend the range of their VoIP offerings. Agreements have been established with Speakeasy, On-Instant, and Champion Communications.

1. ISN Telecom Launches Primary Line Consumer VoIP Service

1. USA Datanet Launches Consumer, Business & Wholesale VoIP