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deltathree Launches IP Telephony Device Partnership Program
deltathree has announced that it has launched the IP Telephony Device Partner Program that will enable manufacturers to develop and manufacture devices that interoperate with its services and technologies. deltathree will provide participants with an API, which will be integrated into the device to facilitate the transmission of traffic over deltathree's IP telephony networks. deltathree will market the devices directly to its other customers, and list them in a VoIP enabled product catalog that it is developing.

KPNQwest and Wicom Team for European IP Based Call Centre Service
KPNQwest has announced that it has signed an agreement with Wicom Communications, in which the firms intend to develop an IP based call centre solution based on Wicom's technologies deployed in KPNQwest's European networks. According to the terms of the agreement, KPNQwest will host Wicom's IP based call centre solution at various POPs throughout its networks, and offer the call centre application/service as part of a bundle of IP services.

Consortium to Upgrade Kabel NRW's Cable Network for VoIP
A Nortel Networks-led consortium has reported that it has reached an agreement Kabel NRW GmbH and Co, a German based cable operator, in which it will upgrade the operator's networks to support a variety of high speed interactive communications. Initially, the consortium intends to install ADC's Cuda 12000 solution to build a cable based VoIP network for the operator that can support a variety of services such as high-speed Internet, video-on demand and IP telephony.

Dial-Thru Forms JV With PT Ambhara Perdana to Offer Services
Dial-Thru International has announced that it has entered into an agreement with PT Ambhara Perdana, a Jakarta based telco, which calls for the firms to create a joint venture named PT DTI-Perdana, that will offer Dial-Thru's array of VoIP services including ISP, ASP, unified messaging and enhanced Internet telephony services via Ambhara's distribution channels in Indonesia.

Jaguar Communications To Deploy Integral Access' Equipment
Jaguar Communications has announced that it is planning to deploy Integral Access' PurePacket platform to build next gen last mile networks that will support IP based converged voice, data, and multimedia services on a single access link. Initially, the provider intends to use the PurePacket platform's GR303 capabilities to develop integrated voice and broadband data services in at least 40 residential and corporate markets throughout Minnesota.

ITXC Unveils Program to Enable GRICphone Providers to Continue Service
In response to GRIC Communications' announcement last week that it is planning to discontinue its wholesale VoIP operations, ITXC has unveiled a program exclusively for the GRICphone providers that will transition their services onto its global network.

AT&T Launches Corporate VoIP Service Bundles
AT&T has announced that it has added VoIP capabilities to both its Managed Internet Service (MIS) and Managed Router Service (MRS). Both VoIP offerings are based on Cisco's 2600 and 3600 multi-services routers, which convert voice and fax signals from a corporation's PBX into IP packets and routes the packets to AT&T's IP backbone network for transportation to the destination. Both services also implement H.323 technologies, and the provider is also in the process of further developing the services to support SIP technologies.

Digiquant Teams With Sun to Benchmark CC&B Technology
Digiquant (formerly Belle Systems) reported that it teamed with Sun Microsystems at Sun's Benchmark Center in Paris to perform a benchmark analysis of its billing and management technology, Internet Management System (IMS). The analysis consisted of using IMS v3.2.2 system with Oracle v8.1.6 running on a Sun Enterprise 1000 server, equipped with 64 CPUs, and based on a configuration of 25 million subscribers.

NetVoice Teams With Cisco to Successfully Test SS7 Across IP Network
NetVoice Technologies has announced that it has successfully routed traffic over its Cisco equipment based IP network using SS7 technologies. The company has been testing the technology since late last year, using Cisco's SC2200 internetworking solution to provide the SS7 connectivity to its IP gateways and H.323 compliant IP network. In addition to SS7 support, the 2200 model also offers system resource management and monitoring, call control, usage measurements as well as fault indication capabilities.

Denver Court Ruling Requires IP Services to Pay Access Charges
IP Services reported that the Denver District Court has issued a decision in the case of Qwest Corporation vs. IP Telephony dba Mountain Solutions Telecom Group (IPT) that will require it to pay access charges to the LEC or CLEC, specifically Qwest, that originates and/or terminates its IP telephony services.

Orbit Canada Deploys Cisco's Equipment
Orbit Canada has announced that its is deploying Cisco's router equipment in its Internet based communications network in Canada (Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Kingston , Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg) to support a bundled voice and data service offering. The service package provides residential customers with unlimited Internet access and unlimited long distance access throughout Canada and the U.S. for $19.95 per month, with corporate customers also able to access the same service bundle, but at other varying rates.

Amada Introduces VoIP Enabling Device and Service
Amanda has announced the introduction of Smart Indavo, the beta version of its VoIP system. The solution ships with access to the company's outsourced dedicated network, which enables users to place calls to other U.S. based users at no charge, and U.S. based non-users at 3.9 CPM. The product can support up six telephone lines and 12 extensions, and it features support for voicemail, auto attendant, call waiting, transfer, conferencing, caller ID and select fax applications.

NxGen and to Interconnect Networks
NxGen Networks has reported that it has entered into an LOI with to interconnect networks and trade traffic. According to the terms of the LOI, will route select traffic over NxGen's networks for termination in the U.S., and NxGen will transfer traffic to's networks for termination in select Pacific Rim markets such as China and Hong Kong.

Ovum Releases Report Projecting 23% Saturation For PC to Phone Market
Ovum said that it has just released an IP telephony market report entitled, IP telephony: Exploiting Market Opportunities. The study examines the development of the IP telephony market sectors including consumer, business and wholesale, and offers various profiles of many companies.

Inter-Tel to Purchase Network Services From Level 3 has reported that it has reached an agreement with Level 3 Communications, in which it will lease capacity and collocate equipment at Level 3's facilities to expand the reach of its transport and termination, VoIP, voice, fax and modem services. According to the terms of the deal, Inter-Tel plans to purchase Level 3's network services in New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

8 Vendors Join OpenVoB's Ranks to Aid in Standards Development
OpenVoB, an organization pushing for interoperable voice over broadband (DSL, cable and wireless) specifications based on existing and developing technologies, has announced that Atlantic-Telecom, Convergent Networks, Efficient Networks, Polycom, Rapid5 Networks, Sedona Networks, Sphere Communications and Texas Instruments have joined its cause to aid in the development and deployment of interoperable voice over broadband technologies, products and services.

Rapid Link and JiTong To Interconnect Networks
Rapid Link Communications reported that it has reached an agreement with JiTong Network Communications, in which the firms intend to interconnect their respective IP networks to exchange traffic, initially between the People's Republic of China and the U.S.

Rapid Link's network is comprised of Clarent's VoIP equipment and traditional circuit switches deployed at over 60 POPs throughout select Asian, Eastern European and U.S.

CUseeMe Networks Introduces New Conference Server
CUseeMe Networks has announced the introduction of a new version of its MeetingPoint conferencing server product dubbed the CUseeMe Conference Server. The product will include the vendor's CUseeMe Web client to provide an end to end multimedia conferencing solution for Microsoft NT/2000, Sun and Linux operating environments. It will be available in configurations that can support 10, 25 and 50 simultaneous users, and the server can be linked together for larger operations.

Sony and V-SPAN Team For Videoconferencing Solution
Sony Electronics reported that it has teamed with V-SPAN to develop an end to end videoconferencing solution that consists of its PCS-1600 and Contact videoconferencing set-top box equipment bundled with global connectivity from V-SPAN.

The PCS-1600 set-top features a dockable camera, a memory port, dual monitor support, an intuitive graphical interface and menu structure, password protection, auto bonding, and a call log and history and on-line help applications that are accessible via a web browser.

China Unicom to Deploy NetSpeak's VoIP VPN Technology
NetSpeak announced that it has secured $1.9 million in orders from China Unicom for customized versions of its VoIP VPN solution. The vendor has extended the capabilities of the VPN system to enable China Unicom to serve a broader range of enterprise customers by supporting individual telephone handsets via PSTN connections and supporting multiple enterprises from a single trunk gateway.

Net2Phone Teams With Motorola and Broadcom for Cable VoIP Solutions
Net2Phone has announced that it is teaming with both Motorola and Broadcom Corporation to develop VoIP solutions for two way cable plant. According to the terms of the Motorola agreement, the firms initially intend to further develop Motorola's DOCSIS 1.1 compliant SURFboard model SB3500 cable modem to support Net2Phone's VoIP technologies and provide connectivity over Net2Phone's VoIP networks based on the latest PacketCable protocol technologies.

CableLabs Releases Second Phase of PacketCable Specs
CableLabs has announced that it has just released the second phase of PacketCable interim specifications and technical reports. The newly released interdomain specs detail the call signaling, QoS, and event messaging extensions of the PacketCable architecture that will enable cable operators to directly exchange multimedia traffic over managed-IP backbone networks.

MSN and Net2Phone Expand Agreement For International Connectivity
Net2Phone reported that it has expanded an existing agreement with MSN, in which the firms embedded Net2Phone's VoIP technology into the MSN Messenger to enable users to click a button to place a call from any PC in the world to any PC in the world or any phone in the domestic U.S., to include PC to phone connectivity throughout the world.

SBC to Deploy IP Infrastructure For City of Dallas
Dallas' City Council reported that it has approved a contract with SBC Communications for the design and deployment of a city-wide IP based communications network. According to the terms of the $33 million five year deal, SBC will replace the city's existing infrastructure with a digital system capable of integrating all voice, data and video communications.