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Cyberfast Systems Expands Services Into Africa
Cyberfast Systems said that it has expanded its VoIP operations into Africa. The company teamed with an undisclosed firm to deploy a POP in an undisclosed African market, with plans to deploy several additional POPs in the market within the next three months. The provider is in the process of building an IP telephony network that will enable it to offer IP telephony services in and between the U.S. and select emerging markets.

ePhone Teams With MA&C to Launch Prepaid Services in Belgium
ePhone Telecom has announced that it has received an Internet telephony transmission license in Belgium, and teamed with MA&C, a Belgian based distribution firm, to launch an initial prepaid calling card based trial branded Call Global. The companies intend to further develop and expand the prepaid offering, and then begin offering international long distance services directly to both residential and corporate customers.

BroadLink Deploys Cisco's Gear in Wireless WAN
BroadLink Communications has announced that has deployed Cisco's 12000 Series Internet router, 7200 Series routers, and 5500 and 6500 series switches combined with its own proprietary wireless WAN product, BrightEdge, to develop a variety of IP based wireless offerings such as multi-party video conferencing, gaming, encryption and VPNs. In addition, the provider expects to further develop the services to include support for additional capabilities such as VoIP, video and interactive content.

Nortel and Symbol Team For Wireless VoIP Solutions
Nortel Networks has announced that it has reached an agreement with Symbol Technologies, in which the firms are co developing converged, high-speed wireless Internet voice and data solutions that can support VoIP technologies. The solutions are expected to be based on Symbol's wireless LAN infrastructure combined with Nortel's telephony and data networking, enhanced security and management, and integrated voice and data applications.

Global Crossing to Deploy Micromuse's Network Management Solution
Global Crossing (GC) has announced that it is planning to deploy Micromuse's Netcool application to manage its global IP, VoIP, ATM, Frame Relay, SONET and SDH based network services. GC intends to implement the solution to consolidate the management of its North American, U.K., and IXnet infrastructures to provide real time fault management capabilities.

China Netcom and to Interconnect Networks
China Netcom Corporation (CNC) has announced that it has signed an agreement with, in which the companies intend to interconnect their respective networks to terminate voice and fax traffic for each other.

Wherever is in the process of developing a private managed IP based network throughout China, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan and the U.S. It also recently teamed with Genuity and Newcall to further develop its offering in the U.S. and New Zealand respectively.

OpenVoB to Host Interoperability Conference at UNH
OpenVoB, an organization pushing for interoperable voice over broadband (DSL, cable and wireless) specifications based on existing and developing technologies, reported that it is hosting its inaugural conference, branded CallFest, at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory on November 27 through December 1, 2000. The show will focus on evaluating, testing, developing and benchmarking OpenVoB compliant solutions.

Access Power to Use Capacity on Sprint's Networks
Access Power reported that it has joined Sprint's Enabling Applications Service Provider program, which will provide it with access to the carrier's networks, and collocation services as well as access to Sprint's sales and marketing programs. Access Power intends to leverage the program, and Sprint's service level guarantees for network availability and performance, to develop and offer a variety of seamless, end to end voice and eCommerce solutions to businesses.

Global Crossing Deploys Sonus Networks' VoIP Technologies
Global Crossing announced that it is in the process of deploying Sonus Networks' VoIP technologies in its existing IP based optic networks to develop a global VoIP network. The provider has just installed Sonus' Packet Telephony suite of technologies including the GSX9000 Open Services Switch, the PSX6000 SoftSwitch and the SGX2000 SS7 Signaling Gateway at seven U.S. VoIP gateway centers located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Rochester (NY) and Seattle.

China Firm, VoIP Telecom and GoldWeb to Develop Wireless Services
VoIP Telecom has announced that it has entered into an MoU with an undisclosed China based firm, in which the companies will team with GoldWeb Technologies to develop VoIP operations with last mile connectivity via wireless technologies in select Chinese markets.

Cable & Wireless to Deploy Nortel Networks' VoIP Equipment
Cable & Wireless reported that it has reached an agreement with Nortel Networks, in which it is planning to outsource the construction and operation of a VoIP infrastructure to Nortel. According to the terms of the 10 year, US$1.4 billion agreement, Nortel will plan, design, implement and operate Cable & Wireless' VoIP backbone network, which is expected to be based on Nortel's Succession Solutions deployed throughout various European and North American markets.

NetVoice to Deploy NetSpeak's VoIP Technologies
NetVoice Technologies reported that it is planning to deploy NetSpeak's iTEL VoIP technologies to provide a centralized network routing and management system for its entire private VoIP network. The deal is valued at approximately $1 million.

The iTEL solutions consist of gatekeeper and route server technologies, as well as value added solutions such as the Voice VPN, Internet call waiting, call screening, PC to phone and eCommerce systems.

Lucent Introduces eCommerce and Softswitch Systems
Lucent has announced the introduction of Contact Assist, it VoIP enabled web based eCommerce technology, and a new version of its ExchangePlus IP and international gateway solution.

FCC Outlines its Position Against Regulating Internet Telephony
William Kennard, the FCC Chairman, recently summarized the FCC's posture against regulating Internet telephony services. The Chairman outlined the administration's hesitance to levy legacy telecommunications regulations on the nascent Internet telephony industry, and encouraged/recommended that the industry develop services that are accessible to the markets covered by universal service regulation fees such as the poor, those in remote locations and the inner city kids, as well as for users with disabilities.

PhoneFree Teams With STSI to Launch Unlimited Phone to Phone Service announced that it has launched a unlimited U.S. domestic phone to phone long distance VoIP service for $49.95 per month. The provider teamed with to develop the offering, and to provide routing and termination capabilities on a local, regional and long distance basis. The service is available on a local basis in 152 U.S. metropolitan markets.

The IMTC Launches VoIP Interoperability Program on Global Basis
The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium's (IMTC) iNOW! (interoperability NOW!) Activity Group announced that it has launched its iNOW! Compatibility Program on a global basis. The program is designed to provide vendors with the technology to build iNOW! compliant Internet telephony equipment, testing plans to validate iNOW! compliant interoperability, a forum to resolve interoperative technical issues that impact iNOW!

Israel Communications Ministry to Open Telecom Market
The Communications Ministry in Israel announced that it has signed regulations that will enable providers to apply for licensing to offer domestic telecommunications services, and compete with the state run telecommunications operation, Bezeq Israel Telecom. The licensing will require that the company seeking the license be registered in Israel and at least 20 percent owned by an Israeli citizen, or by a company that is run by an Israeli citizen.

VoIP Telecom's ICE Subsidiary Gearing Up for Eastern European Services
VoIP Telecom said that its U.S. based subsidiary, International Communications & Equipment (ICE) has teamed with NPO ZAO Crosna to from a new entity in Russia, ICE Orient, that will focus on developing VoIP operations in the Russian Federation. The firms have completed almost all necessary formalities required before launching services, and intend to install 5 gateways at ICE's facilities as soon as possible.

OpenVoB Releases Draft of VoB Interoperable Standards
OpenVoB, an organization pushing for interoperable voice over broadband (DSL, cable and wireless) specifications based on existing and developing technologies, announced that it has drafted a white paper that details the need for a standardized set of technologies, and outlines implementation guidelines and a test plan for a developing compliant products and services. The paper also offers information regarding targeted deployment models, FAQs, online technical discussion groups, and other resources.

Maxlink to Deploy Clarent Equipment for LMDS WLLs in Canada
Maxlink Communications said that it has entered into a MOU with Clarent, in which it intends to use Clarent's IP telephony equipment to develop local access wireless local loop LMDS based infrastructures in Canada that support global connectivity. According to the terms of the 2 year MOU, maxlink plans to purchase and deploy approximately $20 million Canadian (US$13.5 million) in Clarent's equipment including gateways, CPE, and service and network management technologies.

Intermedia Deploys Sonus Networks' VoIP Technologies in U.S.
Intermedia Communications reported that it is deploying Sonus Networks' packet telephony solutions to build a VoIP network in the U.S., that it plans to use to offer both wholesale and integrated services. The provider has just completed installing a 50,000 port configuration at its Miami POP consisting of Sonus' GSX9000 Open Services Switch and PSX6000 SoftSwitch technologies, and intends to deploy additional GSX9000, PSX6000 and SGX2000 SS7 signaling technologies in another 7 U.S.

Sprint to Deploy Lucent's Technologies
Lucent reported that Sprint is planning to deploy its technology to expand its Internet access capacity and further develop its next gen Internet service offerings throughout the U.S. According to the terms of the approximately $200 million agreement, Lucent will provide Sprint with its Softswitch based Intenret Call Diversion (ICD) solution, APX 8000 Multiservice Access Switches, and NavisAccess Network Management and NetworkCare Professional Services applications.

China Unicom to Deploy NetSpeak's VoIP Technologies
China Unicom reported that it is planning to deploy NetSpeak's VoIP technologies. According to the terms of the approximately $1.9 million deal, China Unicom intends to deploy NetSpeak's VoIP VPN solution as part of its initial 311 market national network deployment. Datacraft Asia, a NetSpeak systems integrator, secured the contract and will provide network installation, systems integration and local support services.

Nuera Secures $10 Million Investment from AT&T
Nuera Communications has secured $10 million in financing from AT&T's Strategic Ventures division. According to the terms of the deal, AT&T's Broadband and Wireless divisions will now have access to Nuera's Orca line of IP telephony technologies.

The ORCA gateways can support from 120 to 2000 simultaneous voice or real time fax ports per chassis, on a Frame Relay or IP based network, with the capability to implement call transfer rates between 4.8 kbps to 64 kbps on a call by call basis.