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I-Link Teams With Global Crossing For Local Connectivity
Global Crossing has announced that it has reached a multi- million dollar agreement with I-Link, in which it will provide I- Link with network transport, toll-free and private line services. The deal will enable I-Link to offer one plus dialing from local phones for access to its network and IP telephony services.

VocalTec to Offer Trial VoIP eCommerce Service
VocalTec has announced that it is planning to offer a free trial of its VoIP enabled eCommerce service, Surf&Call. The service will allow web site owners to enable their respective visitors to place a PC to phone VoIP call from the web site to a CSR, without disconnecting the Internet connection. It also allows the CSR to steer the caller around the web site, via push technologies, jointly browsing web pages, filling out forms and discussing transactions via voice or text chats.

Netscape Embeds Net2Phone's VoIP Technology
Netscape reported that it has embedded Net2Phone's PC VoIP technology into the latest version of its Internet browser, Navigator. According to the terms of the multi-year contract, in addition to offering VoIP connectivity directly from a Net2Phone button integrated into the browser, Netscape will also offer Net2Phone's products and services throughout its web site.

AT&T Led Consortium to Acquire $1.4 Billion in Net2Phone
A consortium consisting of AT&T, Liberty Media and British Telecom reported that it is planning to acquire a 39 percent voting stake in Net2Phone for approximately $1.4 billion. According to the terms of the deal, the consortium will purchase 4 million newly issued Class A shares from Net2Phone and 14.9 million Class A shares from IDT, at $75 per share. The transaction will give the consortium a 39 percent voting stake and a 32 percent economic stake in Net2Phone.

BellSouth to Trial Nortel Networks VoIP Centrex Solution
BellSouth has announced that it is planning to trial Nortel Networks' Centrex IP solution to test voice and data over IP services with Georgia's government employees. The trial will enable the employees to access an IP network to route communications between multiple facilities.

Joint Venture Formed to Offer IP Based Services in China
Galaxy OnLine reported that it has signed a memorandum of agreement with I-Tec Communications, Guangdong Advanced Technology Development, and Pinnacle Technology, to form a joint venture that will offer Internet based services in the People's Republic of China. The primary focus of the joint venture will be to provide high speed and traditional Internet access services throughout China. It will also provide satellite connectivity for government operations and private voice, data and video communications.

Lucent to Acquire DeltaKabel
Lucent reported that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire DeltaKabel TeleCom cv, a Netherlands based privately held developer of cable modem and IP telephony solutions. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Lucent plans to leverage DeltaKabel's established role as a CATV equipment provider to offer its own cable based video, telephony and data solutions, as well as DeltaKable's, throughout the European market.

TollBridge & Broadcom Team to Promote VoIP over Cable
TollBridge Technologies reported that it is teaming with Broadcom to co-develop, market and promote VoIP standards for the deployment of voice over cable services via DOCSIS (data over cable service interface specification) 1.1 compliant cable equipment. The initiative is intended to provide specifications for the delivery of voice services from a Class 5 switch via GR-303 or from a NCS/MGCP based call agent.

oCen Lands Satellite Network Deal
oCen Communications announced that it has reached an agreement with Hong Kong-based China Digital- Broadband satNet (CSN), formerly XinYu Aero Space Satellite Applications Ltd, in which oCen will provide its IP based communication services to subscribers throughout Asia. In return, CSN will enable oCen to route services over its global satellite network.

The companies initially plan to offer oCen's CommPortal service via the sat network.

Concert to Use eFusion's eCommerce Technology
Concert, which was recently formed by AT&T and BT to focus on offering an array of telecommunications services, announced that it is planning to deploy eFusion's Push to Talk (PTT) VoIP eCommerce technology to offer services to its corporate customers. According to the terms of the agreement, Concert will provide co-branded PTT technology via its web pages in the U.S. and the UK.

The PTT system enables web site visitors to initiate communications with call center agents by clicking a call icon on the web site.

Pacific Gateway & GRIC to Interconnect VoIP Networks
GRIC Communications announced that Pacific Gateway Exchange (PGE) is planning to utilize its managed QoS GRICphone network and inter-domain clearinghouse service to exchange wholesale VoIP and traditional calling services. GRIC's network includes operations throughout markets in the U.S., South America, India, Asia Pacific and Australian markets.

Communications Authority of Thailand to Use iBasis
The Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) has announced that it is planning to route international voice and fax calls over iBasis' global Internet telephony network. According to the terms of the agreement, Taiwanese based Internet services provider, Hatari Technology, will operate and maintain an iBasis branch office in the market that will be used to convert the circuit-switched phone traffic from CAT's customers into digital packets for transmission over iBasis' network.

Philips' to Use 8x8's VoIP Chip to Develop PBX Phone
Philips Business Communications reported that it is planning to use 8x8's Audacity Internet Telephony Processor chip to develop an IP based phone. The phone will be integrated into Philips' iS3000/IP PBX solution, which is expected to extend PBX functionality to IP based network infrastructures.

The Audacity Internet Telephony Processor, a chip designed for OEM developers, combines all of the digital processing circuitry and software required to develop a VoIP telephone.

Access Power to Deploy Cisco's Equipment
Access Power reported that it is planning to deploy Cisco's IP telephony gateways in its existing VoIP network. In addition, the provider plans to design and develop new products/application based on the Cisco platforms, and use the products to further develop its PC to phone Net.Caller technology and VoIP ecommerce service, e-button.

Multi-Tech Files Patent Lawsuit Against VoIP Companies
Multi-Tech Systems announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Net2Phone, Vocaltec,, e-Net, Studio Visia,,, Really Easy Internet, and The company alleges that the defendants are violating the use of its patented technology for the simultaneous transmission of voice, data, and video over a communications line, by providing service users with client software that is based on the technology.

Videotron Receives CLEC Status

IMTC Approves Two iNow! V/FoIP Interoperability Profiles

Clarent Introduces 360 Port Gateway

iBasis Offers VoIP Call Completion Guarantee
iBasis has announced that it is offering a service level agreement that guarantees that the percentage of call completion rates over its Internet telephony interconnectivity service will be equivalent to or better than that of the PSTN. The company uses its proprietary Assured Quality Routing technology to monitor VoIP calls to ensure completion, or re-route the calls to the PSTN.

TI & Clarent Team to Develop Broadband VoIP CPE

Imagitel Introduces Hardware Phone With VoIP Capabilities

Poland Says VoIP Illegal, But May Allow

Pronto Secures Satellite VoIP Deal with ATC Teleports

Pronto Secures Satellite VoIP Deal with ATC Teleports