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iBasis Offers Internet Telephony Hosting Service
iBasis reported that it has launched an Internet telephony hosting service that will enable other providers to lease VoIP equipment at iBasis' Internet central offices to access the company's Internet backbone and off-net PSTN termination agreements to offer voice, fax, pre-paid calling and other value-added VoIP services. In addition, iBasis will offer its operational support systems and proprietary Assured Quality Routing technology to aid in traffic management, reporting and customer billing.

CableLabs Releases PacketCable 1.0 Specs

AOL & Net2Phone Team For Service/Product Development

America Online announced that it is teaming with Net2Phone to integrate Internet telephony capabilities into its AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service. According to the terms of the three-year agreement, the companies will co-develop AIM-branded Internet telephony products and services that will enable the more than 37 million AIM users to place and receive calls from PC to phone, phone to PC, PC to PC, PC to fax and from fax to PC.

ITXC Acquires OzEmail's VoIP Service

iBasis & Bell Atlantic Team for Service

Bell Atlantic has announced that it is planning to terminate iBasis' Internet telephony traffic in Baltimore,
Boston, New York, Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

The RBOC recently unveiled intentions to use Cisco's AS5300 VoIP gateways, VocalTec's gatekeeper
technologies and MIND CTI's customer care and billing solution, iPhonEX, to build the infrastructure that
will enable it to offer a VoIP interconnectivity service.

Priceline & Net2Phone Team for Service has announced an agreement with Net2Phone, in which Net2Phone will become the main provider in a section of Priceline's web site that will enable users to the name the price that they are willing to pay for telephone calls. According to the terms of the three year deal, Net2Phone will pay Priceline an $18 million participation fee in addition to a percentage of revenues from calls generated from the site.

Startec Deploys Clarent's Technology to Launch Service

Startec Global Communications said that it is using Clarent's IP telephony equipment to offer an Internet
telephony interconnectivity service. The provider has already deployed 20 VoIP gateways throughout Hong
Kong, Paraguay, Poland, Russia and the U.S., with plans to launch the service, on a commercial basis, early
next year.

Telstra, China Telecom and Capcom to Deploy Clarent's Gear

GTE Launches Wholesale V/FoIP Services

RBOCs Team With VoIP Firms to Develop Service

Ameritech and Bell Atlantic have announced partnerships with IP telephony vendors and providers, in which the RBOCs will develop VoIP termination services.

AGIS to Provide POPstar's FoIP Services

AGIS has announced that it has joined POPstar Communications' coalition of providers, and is planning to
offer POPstar's Internet fax services for a share of revenues generated. AGIS will offer the FoIP services, in
addition to its line of high-speed Internet communications, to corporations throughout the U.S., and in more
than 45 international countries.

PictureTel's Technology Approved By ITU As G.722.1

PictureTel announced that its patented Siren wideband audio coding algorithm has been approved by the
ITU as the G.722.1 audio coding standard. The technology can be used to develop systems for audio and
video conferencing, VoIP and Internet streaming applications. It provides 7 kHz of audio bandwidth at bit
rates of 24 and 32 kbps. In addition, the technology ships with the vendor's extension kit to enable
wideband audio solutions to be developed at 16 kbps.

CableLabs Releases Initial PacketCable Specifications

Adaptive Broadband Demonstrates Wireless IP Voice & Data

Coyote to Integrate Ericsson Technology

Coyote Technologies announced it is planning to offer a carrier class VoIP system based on a combination
of Ericsson's IPT 1.6 IP Telephony solution and its DSS Switch. The integrated solution will enable users
to route voice, fax and data traffic over legacy and IP networks.

Net2phone to Use AT&T's Network

Net2Phone has signed a deal with AT&T, in which AT&T has agreed to provide managed IP networking
and collocation services to Net2Phone, enabling the ITSP to expand the reach of its Internet telephony
services at POPs located throughout 17 countries.

The companies plan to extend the agreement to include at least an additional 12 countries.

Sprint to Trial Net2Phone's VoIP Technology

Ursus to Use Global Crossing Capacity

Ursus Telecom announced that it is planning to use capacity on Global Crossing's worldwide networks to
expand the reach of its IP calling, faxing, unified messaging and traditional telephony services. According
to the terms of the agreement, Ursus has committed to purchase a minimum of $30 million in capacity over
a specific time period, with the option to select capacity from any point to any point on any of the Global
Crossing systems.

China VoIP Services Used More For Domestic Long Distance
The Beijing Telecom Administrative Bureau released a telecom study that indicates that China's IP telephony trials are being used 3.17 times more for domestic long distance calls than for international calls. The report says that the country's international calling volume has dropped 5.67 percent in the first half of the year, while the domestic long distance calling volume increased by 25.6 percent.

Vancouver Teleport Unveils Mobile Communications Trailer

New Internet Fax Organization Formed to Promote Use & Standards
The Internet Fax and Business Communications Association (IFBCA) has just been established to promote and standardize the use of Internet technologies to transmit documents. The group intends to aid potential users in understanding how the technology works and how to efficiently deploy it over infrastructures.

Internet Fax and Business Communications Association

Membership Application

pulver, IG, ITXC and Teltran To Host Upcoming V/FoIP Events, Information Gatekeepers, Phillips, ITXC and Teltran will be hosting V/FoIP related events
over the next few months.'s Fall VON 1999 event will be held at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, between September 27 and
30. The show will focus on the technologies used to converge communications between the Internet and
wireless networks, and the Internet and the PSTN.

Consortium Formed to Promote Usage Billing Standard

ATandT and Narus have formed a working group, the Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR), to develop
and promote an Internet usage billing standard that will enable providers to bill for multiple IP based

Lucent and Mind CTI Develop VoIP Solution

Lucent has announced that it has teamed with Mind CTI to develop a VoIP solution for ITSPs that
combines Lucent's PacketStar Internet Telephony System (ITS) with Mind CTI's iPhonEX IP telephony
billing system.

The Mind-iPhonEX system is a Windows NT based real-time billing and call management product
designed to provide billing and call traffic analysis for V/FoIP services. It provides fraud detection, traffic
analysis and call management reports.

Sonus Networks Joins Softswitch Consortium

Sonus Networks announced that it has joined the Softswitch Consortium. The organization is focused on
promoting open standards/protocols used to interconnect the PSTN with the Internet for voice
communications. It also promotes the development of hardware and software platforms that operate by
distributing the functions performed by digital circuit switches (softswitches).