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Vovida's OMPA Teams with Softswitch Consortium

Vovida Networks' Open Multimedia Protocol Alliance (OMPA) has merged with the International
Softswitch Consortium to combine their respective memberships and resources to promote the
implementation of a standard set of protocols (H.323, RTP, SIP, SDP, RTSP and MGCP) in VoIP
equipment and services.

The Softswitch Consortium was launched in May with the intent of promoting open standards/protocols
used to interconnect the PSTN with the Internet for voice communications.

GRIC's VoIP Settlement Service Inteoperable With Cisco's Gear

GRIC has announced that it is using Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) to
enable providers using Cisco's AS5300 and AccessPath VS3 IP telephony
gateways to interconnect with its VoIP interconnectivity and settlement
services. The OSP technology allows routing and authorization between
multiple service carriers. GRIC will use the technology to forward
inter-domain CDRs to its settlement system, which will process, and then
transmit the billing information to the providers.

Ericsson Forming Wireless VoIP System Development Group

Ericsson said that it is forming a focus group, 3G.IP, to develop an
IP-based wireless system for third generation mobile phones. The companies
that have committed to participate in the group include AT&T, BT, Lucent,
Nokia, Nortel, Rogers Cantel, Telenor and Telecom Italia Mobile. All
members will contribute technologies towards development of IP-based, next
generation, wireless services including voice, high speed data, Internet
access, imaging and video conferencing.


Cisco to Acquire Transmedia for $407 Million

Cisco said that it is planning to acquire TransMedia Communications for
approximately $407 million. According to the terms of the all stock deal,
Cisco will trade between 3.15 and 3.85 million common shares for all of
TransMedia's outstanding shares and options. The deal has already been
approved by each company's BOD. It is expected to finalized early next year.

IMTC Forms Activity Group to Promote iNOW! Interoperability Initiative

The IMTC said that it has endorsed the iNOW! (interoperability NOW!)
profile, and has formed an Activity Group to specifically focus on further
developing the technology and facilitating its acceptance as an
interoperable standard. The iNOW! technology, which was developed by
Lucent, VocalTec and ITXC, is based on H.323v2 protocols and the H.225.0
Annex G to enable gateways and gatekeepers from different vendors to

Texas Instruments to Acquire Telogy for $435 Million

Texas Instruments has announced that it is planning to acquire Telogy
Networks for approximately $435 million. According to the terms of the
stock for stock transaction, TI will trade about 4.1 million shares for
outstanding Telogy shares.

Intel to Acquire Dialogic for $780 Million

Intel has announced that it is planning to acquire Dialogic for
approximately $780 million in an all-cash transaction. According to the
terms of the agreement, Intel will offer to acquire all of Dialogic's
outstanding common stock for $44 per share. The offer will be made on June
7, 1999, and will remain open until midnight EST on July 2.

WorldStar to Use Ascend's Equipment to Provide Global Services

WorldStar Telecommunications has announced that it is deploying Ascend's equipment to offer value added IP services
including IP telephony, VPNs, Internet access (dedicated, dial-up and wireless), web hosting, ecommerce and streaming
video on a global basis. Ascend will also provide WorldStar with lifecycle network services including network planning,
design, implementation and management.

Consortium Formed to Promote Standardization of PSTN & Internet Connectivity

Iridium to Use LANSource's Solution for Satellite FoIP Service

Iridium has said that is planning to integrate LANSource's Internet fax
solution, FAXport, into its satellite network to provide a global FoIP
service. The company currently provides global telephony and paging
services via the satellite network.

JITONG to Deploy Clarent's VoIP Technology In China

JITONG Communications has announced that it will use Clarent's VoIP
technology to trial services over the China Golden Bridge Network (CGBN).
According to the terms of the deal, Clarent will design and deploy
equipment for both the trial network and an evaluation lab that will enable
JITONG to test the addition of value-added services over the CGBN.

iNow! - Continuing to Gain Vendor Support

Over the last few months, iNow! has been gaining significant vendor
support. Netrue, Motorola and 3Com have joined the movement, and will
integrate support for the profile into their respective VoIP platforms. The
profile, developed by Lucent, VocalTec and ITXC, is based on H.323v2
protocols and the H.225.0 Annex G to enable gateways and gatekeepers from
different vendors to interoperate. It was published and submitted to both
the ITU and IETF for discussion last February.

Vovida Launches Open Source VoIP Consortium

Vovida Networks has announced that it is attempting to form a consortium
that will focus on developing open source H.323 and MGCP protocol stacks.
The consortium will enable software developers from around the world to
contribute to the enhancement and development of the protocol stacks. All
members will have direct access to source codes during development.

Interested parties need to contact Vovida at


8x8 Unveils Product for Broadband VoIP Networks

Clarent Develops VoIP QoS Technology

Clarent announced that it has developed a QoS technology, dubbed
ThroughPacket, which reduces congestion in IP telephony networks. The
company has indicated that the technology uses an IP multiplexing technique
to bundle several voice packets together to be sent as a single packet with
one header, thus reducing both the amount of packets sent to a router and
the amount of bandwidth used for headers.

ETSI Working with ITU-T & IETF on VoIP Standards

The ITU-T, IETF and ETSI are working together to develop standards for
certain aspects of VoIP technology. The ITU-T has established Working
Group 13 to coordinate its efforts, and the ETSI has created the Tiphon #12

I-Link Launches VoIP Service in Tampa

Talk Visual to Offer Global VideoCalling Service from Retail Premises

Talk Visual has announced that it is planning to offer global videocalling
services from retail locations throughout the world using ISDN and VoIP
technologies. It is building facilities in at least 20 markets (including
Boston, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, Toronto and multiple
locales in London) to offer services directly to the public. Business
services are also being planned. Talk Visual will utilize capacity from
Cable & Wireless' global IP backbone.

MediaRing Lands Multiple Partnership Agreements

Last week alone, Delta Three,,, Community Connect, GVC
Corporation, Conexant Systems, Legend Toshiba and Legend Computer Systems
announced plans to integrate MediaRing's VoIP technology into their
respective offerings.

Global Crossing to Merge With Frontier Communications

Netscape & GeoCities to Distribute Net2Phone's VoIP Products

Net2Phone has announced that both Netscape and GeoCities will distribute
its software and services. According to terms of the multi-year
distribution agreement with Netscape, Net2Phone's PC to phone software and
services will be exclusively bundled with the Netscape Communicator
Internet browser. Netscape will also redesign the browser's toolbar to
include a Net2Phone activation button. In addition, Netscape will offer the
PC to phone software and service through its Netcenter web portal.

Oman Telco Joins Delta Three Global Network of Providers

Delta Three has announced that General Telecommunications Organization

(GTO), the exclusive provider of telecommunications in the Sultanate of

Oman, will install Ericsson's IP telephony equipment to connect its network

with the Delta Three's Global Internet Telephony network. GTO will provide

Internet telephony services including calling cards, direct dial long

distance, and PC to phone.

ITXC, Lucent and VocalTec Publish VoIP Interoperability profile

ITXC, Lucent and VocalTec have teamed to market iNow! (interoperability
now), an Internet telephony interoperability effort. The profile, based on
H.323 protocols and the H.225.0 Annex G, details how to achieve
interoperability between gateways and gatekeepers from different vendors.
The companies have launched a testing lab. In addition, the companies
have submitted the profile to the IMTC for inclusion in its global VoIP
interoperability events.

Global Assurance to Build Latin American VoIP System

Florida-based Global Assurance Group, a subsidiary of Seresica of Caracas,
Venezuela, has announced that it has formed a new division specifically to
develop an Internet telephony gateway service over its existing network of
500 POPs in Latin America. The company's initial plans include the
immediate installation of a gateway in Caracas, with plans to deploy an
additional 8 gateways in the Latin American market over the next year. The
provider is also interested in interconnecting the VoIP network with
existing operations.