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A new study from independent market research company, Ipsos, reveals that some 62 percent of online citizens around the world use the internet for social networking. Social media is most popular in Indonesia, where 83 percent engage, ahead of Argentina at 76 percent and Russia at 75 percent.

Skype co-founder’s FreedomPop to offer free mobile broadband

FreedomPop, which has major involvement from Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom, plans to upheave the wireless industry. Unlike Verizon Wireless, FreedomPop does not make customers pay first for mobile broadband service. Instead, the startup company aims to give away some of its mobile broadband service for free while offering eight different paid add-on mobile services. That strategy makes FreedomPop’s business model similar to cloud-storage company Dropbox, which uses a free model for service.

A series of job openings in the Apple website show that the iPhone maker seeks to implement various mobile technologies in the next generation of iOS, and some descriptions require a candidate with familiarity of the of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture, which is the basis of LTE voice services.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has removed legislation from his executive budget that would have shielded telecommunications companies offering Internet telephony from regulation.
Unions and consumer advocacy groups had opposed the VoIP Bill, which had the support of companies like Verizon and Time Warner Cable that argued the absence of the law laid an uncertain regulatory environment.

Samsung has decided to give a twist to the design of iPod docks. Samsung’s DA-E550 dock has a tubular shape that looks like a piece of an elephant horn. It is one of the basic models in their catalog. The slightly curved tube with white finish is very pleasing to the eye. It is configured with two speakers; the left channel and right channel are located at both ends of the tube which enhances its stereo effect.

Cisco gears up for Pay TV

Cisco Systems is getting ready on pay TV just as the sector's fortunes may be peaking. The US$5 billion enterprise value for pay-TV software maker NDS Group is Cisco's biggest acquisition since the deal for set-top box maker Scientific Atlanta, with a US$5.3 billion enterprise value, in 2005. Cisco is reportedly getting software that well compatible with the existing products it sells to cable companies. And NDS sells mostly to satellite TV operators, which may provide new business for Cisco to a new set of customers. NDS is partly owned by News Corp, the parent company of Dow Jones & Co., which publishes The Wall Street Journal.

According to a news report, the chip maker wants to expand its presence by entering through the front in the multimedia business. Intel is currently making its own set-top box and envisions itself as a "virtual cable operator" providing Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) in a bundle similar to cable TV, reports business newspaper, Wall Street Journal. It has already developed a user interface for users to browse programs and is pitching media operators that it seeks to gain a platform to launch its Internet based Pay TV service, which it hopes to do later this 2012.

Far from being obsolete, the most popular VoIP tool in the Internet continues to set records. Skype, in the hands of Microsoft, has today brought together 35 million Internet users. This breaks current figures and shows the full potential of VoIP service continues.

Skype announced on their official blog a new record in its service. Specifically, Skype has said that 35 million users worldwide simultaneously used its VoIP system, surpassing one million the highest record achieved so far.

Telecommunications companies in the EU are often using the practice of "traffic management" to block Voice over IP (VoIP) and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing online activity, EU’s Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) said.

The body said it had set the "common" use of the practices as part of their "preliminary conclusions" in analyzing data on traffic management collected from approximately 400 telecommunications operators in and across the EU. BEREC is composed of representatives from each of the national telecoms regulators in all 27 EU countries, including Ofcom in the UK.

Cisco reveals third generation of UCS

Cisco Systems is joining other server manufacturers in introducing new Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors in its hardware. But unlike HP, Dell and other makes, Cisco is introducing a whole different system of compute, networking, virtualization and management technology in the third generation of its Unified Computing System (UCS) offering.

Pay TV giant Foxtel in Australia has proposed terms relating to its proposal of $1.9 billion merger with fellow Austar pay TV, which may result in a number of premium content unlocked for use by competing platforms such as emerging Internet video and businesses FetchTV and Quickflix.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said in a statement issued this week announced it had begun consultation on the compromise proposal offered by Foxtel regarding its proposed acquisition of Austar.

Avtex, a provider of integrated, interactive solutions, recently announced the completion of the acquisition of VoIP Contact Center and Innovation Division of Sage, a respected technology solutions provider and interactive intelligence reseller based in Chesterfield, Missouri in the U.S. As part of the acquisition agreement, Avtex acquired a portion of the intellectual property of Sage’s technical resources and most of the regional Interactive Intelligence customer base.

Siemens Enterprise Communications, which is rebuilding itself in the U.S. for the past few years, emphasize the idea that it deserves another look through its recent announcement of the Version 7.0 of its OpenScape UC suite that enables its VoIP platform to support 500,000 users.

Complementing a leap forward from a maximum of 100,000 users in previous versions is a taste of Openscape’s new capabilities in unified communications, including the UC federated support to extend online presence, chat and other core functions of other domains, support for MacOS, and some smooth handoff call capability between different types of devices and networks.

Telecom groups fights against free messaging

Smartphone messaging services such as Pinger provide messaging apps that let phone users chat for free on the carriers' data networks or Wi-Fi. Analysts said telecoms lost nearly US$14 billion in 2011 in text-messaging revenue as consumers migrated to such applications. Analysts said there is no end in sight to the financial blood letting.

Pinger -- together with an explosion of smartphone messaging services like iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber Media, Facebook Messenger and KakaoTalk -- have managed in just a few years significantly reduce the important revenue that cell phone companies get from text messaging.

Spanish operator, Telefónica, announced plans to deploy fourth generation mobile networks (4G) using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in Costa Rica prior to the opening of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

"All the profit you can find in Barcelona, ​​today, will be immediately transferred to the network in Costa Rica when you need it," said Henry White, Global Head of Technology at Telefónica. The executive made the remark at a press conference Sunday, one day before the start of MWC, expected to house more than 60,000 people in 200 countries.

Digium , Inc., the Asterisk company, and Noanet Distributions , Ltd., recently announced a collaboration that will allow Noanet to become the first official distributor of Digium products in Spain. Noanet, with over 10 years experience in the field of unified communications (UC) and other communications solutions will offer Digium’s Switchvox UC clients to all sectors.

Switchvox is based on the open-sourced Asterisk telephony platform, so it offers a unique set of powerful features at an affordable price for small-to-medium enterprises. Among the features include seamless support for mobile users, integration with third-party web applications, advanced call control and call routing, call queues and IVR to customer support.

In this year's Mobile World Congress , Polycom, the world leader in standards-based unified communications (UC) and Ericsson will launch an end-to-end solution that allows operators to offer affordable and interoperable HD Video-as-a-service (Vaas) and unified communications services to businesses of all sizes. This solution will be jointly brought to market worldwide, with Ericsson serving as prime systems integrator for all infrastructure components.

The new visual communication solution for service providers will use integrated video capable of Ericsson’s IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), including HD-capable infrastructure and Polycom RealPresence terminals, voice and video the RealPresence software platform.

Skype app is coming soon to Windows Phone

Microsoft recently announced the availability of a beta version of a dedicated Skype VoIP app for its Windows Phone OS. A final version will be available soon in April, the Redmond-based company said.

The Skype application can be downloaded from a Windows Phone or onto a PC from the online Windows Phone Marketplace. The application uses the Metro-style interface to group contacts and messages, and calls can be initiated by touching the recipient's picture.

The Internet is becoming more important as a distribution for television as IPTV begins to provide live television. This opens up new risks for the content and equipment providers. Between the analog television era and today's digital programming, there is much diversity in technology and content as well as economics.

However, the next target for big business is IPTV. Internet Protocol Television mean only the first salvo, television programs and movies over the Internet has already come into the fold.

San Diego’s VoIP provider Computer Support recently announced the launch of the IP PBX HiCap500. The new unit allows up to 500 extensions with up to 100 simultaneous voice conversations.

"So far, the only solutions for large customers of VoIP cost tens of thousands of dollars per location," said Tim Doscher of the support team of San Diego. "The support team brings the quality of HiCap500S to San Diego, reliability and savings to customers with larger offices," he continued.

Twilio’s new client for iOS' is a basic SDK, which will make it easier for app creators to integrate VoIP functionality into their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch apps. This will allow any part of an app to become a 'VoIP phone', making VoIP calls via any iOS device over an internet connection, whether the client is added to new or existing apps. Developers can even add Skype-like chatter to iPhone and iPad with the new SDK.

Cisco questions Microsoft's Skype Deal Before European Commission

Cisco has appealed the European Commission's approval of Microsoft's Skype acquisition, asking for new conditions concerning interoperability issues which might potentially kicking off a messy legal battle between tech behemoths.

“We respect greatly the European Commission, and value Microsoft as a customer, supplier, partner, and competitor,” Marthin De Beer, senior vice president of Cisco’s Video and Collaboration Group, wrote in a Feb. 15 posting on the company’s corporate blog.

NXP Software has integrated its client security Verimatrix ViewRight Web within the Android version of its LifeVibes QuickPlayer. ViewRight Web is part of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS), and their integration into QuickPlayer improved security which allows for the deployment of enhanced content type "stream" Android phones and tablets. This opens the door to new revenue streams for service providers such as broadcasters and IPTV providers to add premium services (fee) Internet television.

Patton recently announced the general availability of two new SmartNode family members: the SmartNode 4120 Single / Dual-Port BRI VoIP gateway and the SN-DTA Singe / Digital dual-port BRI VoIP Terminal Adapter.
Patton BRI new VoIP product lines are now in full production, as thousands of orders of single / two SmartNode 4120 BRI gateways and DTA SmartNode (TM) have been met. Patton currently ships hundreds of units on a monthly basis.