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Cheap VoIP service propel Rebtel to 15M users

Rebtel, the second-largest VoIP calling company behind Skype, announced major milestones recently that prove consumers just can’t get enough of cheap phone calls.

The company said that it has surpassed 15 million connected users since its launch in 2006. Rebtel users have made over 500 million calls on the service and have run up over two billion minutes of international calls.

Rebtel offers mobile and desktop PC applications that let its users call each other for free, or make inexpensive calls to international numbers. The company’s service is also accessible through any landline or mobile phone without an application. Rebtel just recently released version 2.0 of its iPhone version, which added a first-ever feature to let you hop between voice and data networks during a VoIP call.

Dialog Semiconductor, a provider of highly integrated, innovative semiconductor solutions for power management, audio and energy-efficient wireless communication at close range, announced that chips of the power-saving Green VoIP chip series are now being used by VTech, a world leading provider of cordless and corded telephones.

The possibility of IP subscription television in Colombia is almost a reality. Currently, Emcali is testing the technology and the structure packages to be launched. Soon, the company will begin offering the subscription television packages through the IP system. The offer will be 90 channels in standard and high definition.

Qualcomm, in collaboration with Ericsson, has successfully completed the first voice call from a mobile network to a WCDMA network LTE. The two companies have used technology Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) to achieve this milestone. It is hoped that Qualcomm and Ericsson will offer demonstrations of their achievement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The new meets the old: First LTE to CDMA VoIP handover complete

Qualcomm on Thursday finally came forward to announce an LTE milestone that took place at the end of December: the first voice call to be seamlessly handed over from an LTE mobile network to a WCDMA network using Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC). This is an important milestone because SRVCC lets the LTE-based VoIP/IMS packets be transferred to the legacy circuit-switched domain, unifying the old mobile networks with the new.

Videoplaza, the world's leading management platform video advertising for publishers, today announced it has received a second round of funding worth $12 million from Qualcomm Ventures and Innovacom. The funding will accelerate the global expansion of the company and ensure sustained product leadership following the evolution of video ad inventory to new devices and platforms. After a good 2011, Videoplaza has increased its international customer base and has more than five times the volume of ads served in the past year. The company has opened new offices in Madrid, Berlin and Singapore and works with a customer base in 17 markets worldwide.

Skype users are in luck this week. Skype, the popular company that allows voice calls over IP (VoIP) today announced the immediate availability the new edition of Skype 5.8 - A version that comes with major improvements, especially on two fronts. It must be said, first, that the issue is available to users of Windows. So, you should expect a good number of users that will begin testing its benefits immediately.

Revolabs Inc recently launched the FLX VoIP, the first wireless conference phone designed for networks with VoIP (Voice over IP). Compatible with a variety of IP switches, the VoIP FLX is the only conference phone that keeps the HD audio clarity while offering the freedom of wireless microphones and speakers.

Econet launch VoIP service in Africa

More than three million Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ltd subscribers will now be able to make the cheapest international calls using phones, tablets and computers through the Internet after the telecommunications company launched VoIP services recently. VoIP is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the Internet.

Speaking at the service launch the company’s commercial director, George Barbaressos, said the country currently has six VoIP service providers that include PowerTel, Gigatel, Econet, Brodacom and Africom.

Leveraging its expertise in cloud computing, mobile and voice services and IP network connections, AT&T makes available to companies of all sizes, the full benefits of unified communications (UC) through a simple and reliable service. The company’s unified communications services helps organizations control costs and eliminate unpredictable expenses. The new unified communications’ functionality reduces complexity and simplifies access.

ESET announced the launch of ESET Mobile Security for smartphones with Android operating systems. Their solution for smartphones is now available for Android OS computers.

The solution for mobile devices ESET, previously only available for computers running Windows Mobile and Symbian, can now run on Android operating systems and is capable of protecting 70% of smartphone users against known and unknown threats.

Voxbone today announced that despite the economic uncertainties in some parts of the world last year, the pattern of steady year after year growth in VoIP communications continues as the demand from existing customers increased, coupled with new business wins from some of the fastest-rising telecommunications operator.

Integra expands multisite business push with nationwide voice service capability

Integra has made yet another milestone in its journey to serve larger business customers by making its voice services suite available on a nationwide basis.

Large enterprise SIP trunking customers that have wide area networks (WAN) laid out across multiple U.S. markets will be able to connect their remote sites or offices via a centralized IP PBX.

Deployed on its MPLS-enabled IP VPN product, one of the key selling points is that it eliminates the need to manage and maintain costly multiple phone systems and carrier relationships throughout their respective WAN by putting it onto one common platform.

911 Enable, the leading provider of VoIP emergency management, announced today that its revolutionary application Emergency Gateway (EGW) is now available worldwide. This expansion helps companies to provide access to emergency calls for help when needed.

T-Mobile began offering a calling service for iPhone and iPad users, even though it doesn't market those devices. The operator is expanding its free voice-over-IP (VoIP) service, called Bobsled, to iPhones, iPads and even Android phones. Users with the application can make calls to mobile or landline phones in the U.S., Canada and also Puerto Rico without incurring charges. Users can make the free calls over cellular data networks, which typically charge for the Internet access usage, or over free Wi-Fi.

Microsoft announced the 8.5-billion-dollar acquisition of Skype in May 2011, and since then little was known about the integration of Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for Skype in various Microsoft products.

Europe edges out Asia in IPTV as networks show strong growth

Broadband and IPTV have shown a significant surge in growth in Q3-2011 to more than 581 million subscriptions with more additions in the quarter than at any time since early 2009. The figures published by the Broadband Forum by Point Topic also point to the growing importance of fiber as FTTH and hybrid FTTx deployments increase. Such a growth in connectivity has boosted the TV industry considerably with IPTV approaching 55 million subscribers as Europe holds on to top regional position against strong growth out of Asia. Overall broadband growth during the quarter was calculated to be 17.4 million lines, bringing the global total to 581.3 million, representing a quarterly increase of 3.08% and an annual growth rate of 12.89%.

DrayTek Corp, a network solutions provider located in Taiwan, today announced that the well-known Italian IT magazine PC Professional has made great reviews to the DrayTek Vigor solution IPPBX 3510 through the testing of its scalability and feature-rich IPPBX including its extensive security. Simone Zanardi, IT professional copywriter PC Professional has said that "the solution provided by the design of DrayTek Vigor IPPBX is perfect for extending the functionality of an existing PBX PSTN installed in a small office."

Fortinet, a leading provider of network security, has announced that Siemens Enterprise Communications, a global provider of business communications solutions, has deployed multiple devices such as the FortiGate network security -1240B to ensure its OpenScape Cloud Services.

Skype is already at full capacity by 2012, a year that comes with great activity in the technological environment. The company wanted to start the new year with strength and motivation with a review on the highlights and milestones achieved by the service last year.

Google plans IPTV push in 2012 with new partnerships

Google TV has a new interface and new hardware partners as the company has announced that it has brought new hardware manufacturers on board as partners for its IPTV service Google TV. LG is the biggest name to join the Google TV ecosystem this year and will unveil a new line of Google TV sets running on its own L9 chipset at CES in Las Vegas next week.

Determined to revive its failing IPTV service, Spain’s Telefónica banged on the table to substantially improve its pay-TV service, which operates under the brand Imagenio and that can receive over 70 channels via broadband networks (ADSL and optical fiber).

To do this, Telefónica recently launched a new Imagenio, renewing the technology platform that supports it and that from now on will be provided by Microsoft.

Is 2012 the year that many believe will mark the end of the world? But if the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are not, you may want to make some smart long-term investments with a different kind of 'riders'.

In the 90's, Intel, Microsoft, Dell and Cisco were the so-called "four horsemen of technology ': technology companies that are high profile and public, no doubt, contributed to solid growth for investors year after year. For nearly two decades, the four firms had the keys to the technological growth machine: the personal computer, Intel processors manufactured; Microsoft produced the software; Dell PCs and Cisco was the connecting network.

Anixter today announced its alliance with Microsemi, a world leader in PoE (Power over Ethernet) and POH (Power over HDBaseT), to distribute the company's products in Brazil. Microsemi has also partnered with CommScope, a world leader in the manufacture of structured cabling systems. Microsemi's goal is to partner for development and certification of premium channels of integration in Brazil.