Broadcast TV online to free up mobile spectrum, says Britain’s House of Lords

A House of Lords committee has told the British government to consider the possibility of ending the "wasteful" broadcast of television content over the airwaves. In a report on the UK's broadband infrastructure published recently, the House recommends that the rise of IPTV presents an opportunity to free up spectrum for mobile devices.

It is likely that IPTV services will become ever more popular, and eventually the case for moving the carriage of broadcast content, including the public service broadcasting, from the spectrum across the internet becomes overwhelming. It may well be a more reasonable arrangement, as the spectrum is perfectly suited to mobile applications.

House knows that the UK has long lagged behind in broadband performance, citing recent Akamai State of the Internet report which ranked the country 25th in the world. The long-delayed 4G spectrum auction Ofcom, too, means that the United Kingdom customers are unlikely to gain access to LTE service until late 2013. Obviously a move as drastic as switching off the traditional over-the-air broadcasting will take some time, then, and House is not shying away from that.

To back this up, the committee proposing a new national network based around the open-access fiber optic hubs free from infrastructure Physical Access (PIA) pricing regulations, saying it will help stimulate competition. Right now, the United Kingdom residents seeking to do their part to unclog the spectrum of the country can do it using the box YouView IPTV set-top that went on sale a few days ago.

Broadband for all – an alternative perspective also questions the current approach of government in the rollout of superfast broadband across the country, suggests the interests of the country be better served by first ensuring universal access.

Report says that the strongest driver of consumers moving from basic to enhanced broadband IPTV services.

Report recommends that the Government, Ofcom and the industry will start to consider the desirability of transfer of terrestrial broadcasting spectrum of content from the Internet and the consequent switching off the broadcast transmission spectrum and the consequences that may arise .

Although the committee did not support a move currently offers the belief that the broadcast media will increasingly be delivered over the internet. If the PSB channels is to move the Lords suggests the case for a switch in the system will become more compelling.

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