Cisco updates its products for small business networks

Cisco recently announced an update to its line of small business networking, which includes routers and access points that ultimately support the current generation of Wi-Fi. The products are now available. Although many small businesses use network equipment at the consumer level, Cisco products said that they will serve those who require more support and security for remote users and local VoIP telephone systems, and cloud applications.

The products are not as cheap as their consumer counterparts, but they are not too expensive. They include two new routers, one with and one without Wi-Fi. The RV180 has four gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, 10 VPN tunnels (which means that 10 remote users can connect simultaneously), gigabit WAN connectivity, virtual LAN support (so you can manage which devices can access other on the same LAN) , and VoIP support. It costs around $180.

For $246, the RV180W offers the same features and support for 802.11n Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz Additionally, the RV180W can be set up for use as a wireless bridge, repeater or access point , which can give you a longer life if your network infrastructure changes.

Cisco is also delivering two new access points 802.11n wireless. The WAP121 $173 Wi-Fi supports 2.4 GHz and up to four SSID companies generally use additional network ID for different types of users, for example, one could create a SSID for guests and one for employees.

It connects to your wired network via an Ethernet port 10/100, and uses power over Ethernet (PoE) so you need not be connected to an electrical outlet.

The WAP321 $310 Wi-Fi supports selectable dual band-you can configure it to support Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, and up to eight SSID. You connect to the LAN via gigabit Ethernet, and also uses power over Ethernet.

A new unified communications product, the UC320W provides PBX type phone and network support. You can serve up to 24 self-service features phones, and has built a 2.4 GHz 802.11n router and a four-port switch 10/100, for $995.

Cisco announced two new VoIP phones for small businesses – the SPA512G ($194) and the SPA514G ($219) supports one four lines, respectively. Both have built-in gigabit Ethernet switches built two ports, so you can use them to connect other network devices. Cisco also offers a bridge Wi-Fi 802.11n, the WBPN $ 62, which can be attached to these devices and other Cisco SPA300 and SPA500 series phones to make wireless VoIP.

Finally, Cisco is delivering a new line of managed switches, stackable, 500 series, designed for large enterprises and small businesses. They have prices ranging from $590 to $5,500.

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