The name Arcadyan is inspired by an ancient mountainous region in central Greece, Arcadia. The region is known as a utopian place, an inspiration for art and poetry.

We at Arcadyan share a similar vision for how technology should integrate into one’s life to make it enjoyable. We think technology should make life simple and help inspire great things.

Company overview

_ Specialize in Broadband access, Multimedia, and Wireless technology

Established in 2003, Arcadyan brings the best of Broadband access, Multimedia and Wireless infrastructure expertise. This winning combination creates an innovative approach to broadband access technology development and optimizes audio/video streaming quality.

Arcadyan develops products with the end-user in mind. We are dedicated to pursuing high quality technology developments and ensuring consumers to get a rich and enjoyable experience from our products. In addition, our developing team engages with leading researchers and developers, both in-house and external, to develop best-in-class platforms and implementations for our latest value-added innovations.

_ Solutions for Telecom operators, ISPs, retailers, consumer electronic companies and OEMs/ODMs.

At Arcadyan, we provide end-to-end solutions that help our customers differentiate their products in the marketplace. We supply leading-edge solutions designed to enhance the user’s experience while allowing customers to achieve fast time-to-market and remaining competitive. We add value to the entire product development cycle from creation to fulfillment.

We understand our customers’ needs for combination solutions, backwards compatibility and standards-based platforms on which to develop. To address these needs, Arcadyan delivers a full line of broadband access and digital home solutions, such as xDSL IAD/router, access points, home gateways, 802.11a/b/g/n client solutions, antennas, Wi-Fi modules, etc. Arcadyan provides innovative wireless products for specialized design-in requirements as well as add-on products to enhance today’s products with wireless convenience.