Founded in 1998, ATCOM Technology has a track record in the R&D and manufacture of Internet communication hardware.
In 1999, ATCOM introduced the first ISDN and ISDN NT+ card with PCI interface in domestic market which were widely adopted by several telecommunications carriers in China. Meanwhile ATCOM collaborated with FUJITSU, NEC, and FIC in OEM/ODM program.

From 2002, ATCOM commenced development of a series of VoIP phones

In 2003, ATCOM was the only Chinese company which successfully bid for the Uni-Video Project from China Unicom, one of the largest IP phone and video conference systems in the world.

Over the year 2004 to 2006, ATCOM products were released via OEM/ODM projects under well-known brands such as HUAWEI 3com, HARBOUR NETWORKS, D-link, TOPCOM, FUTIRO, and PACKET8. National carriers such as Thailand Telecom, Slovenia Telecom, CANTV have also adopted ATCOM products. ATCOM was listed as a leading Chinese mainland manufacturer by Global Sources.