The Buckland Mutual Telephone Company was organized in 1903 by a group of people in the Buckland community. Original stockholders purchased their stock at $35 per share during the years of 1903-1904. The Company was capitalized for $7000 in 1903. J. B. Edman did a lot of the work involved in selling the stock and organizing the company. When the Company was first organized, the stockholders received a free telephone. All of the other patrons were charged a fee of $1.00 per month. A magneto system was installed with eight to ten families on each line. The phones were wooden boxes with a crank on the side. In order to use the telephone, you needed to call central so the operator could plug in the call on the switchboard. This switch was used until 1958. Ed McDonald acted as manager and night central for many years. Ed was handicapped, but he faithfully slept by the switchboard so telephones could be used during the night time hours if they were needed. Early in the history of the Buckland Telephone Company, a very bad storm did a lot of damage to the lines and poles. The company was a mutual company, so the stockholders were assessed for the cost of the repair. This caused bad feelings about the company at the time. In 1920 the Company had 350 patrons. This number declined to 272 during the depression years of the early 30's.