CTD’s Mission : to provide complete telecommunication solutions that will give our resellers a competitive advantage in the marketplace for a wide variety of telecommunication brands from LG Ericsson to Cyberdata. We diligently assist our resellers to ensure telecommunication solutions are properly sold and provisioned with advanced technical support for complex requirements.

CTD always offers the latest in technology with competitive pricing on Konftel, Cyberdata, LG Ericsson, EasyRun. CTD is constantly aiming to stay at the forefront of advances in the telecommunication industry.

Computer Telephony Distributing ( CTD ) is a value-added distributor providing complete telecommunication solutions for you and your business while offering 30 years of traditional telecommunications and networking experience. Along with our experience, our team supplies resellers with Konftel, Cyberdata, LG Ericsson, EasyRun systems as well as full service sales and technical support, product warehousing and fulfillment, and reseller oriented professional services.

The newest addition to CTD’s reliable solutions line is LG Ericsson, offering SMBs affordable telecommunications that were once only available to large companies. LG Ericsson delivers all the features that SMBs require from basic Voice over IP Business Services to advanced multimedia applications.

Perhaps your needs are simply to bring people together on conference calls through one phone and a Konftel Conference Phone will help you do just that. Konftel provides telecommunication solutions for meetings at your desk and smaller conference rooms, meetings in a large conference rooms or major events. Each of these scenarios can be seamlessly improved with a Konftel Conference Phone.

We only sell to resellers. Our mission is to provide complete solutions, drawn from world class manufacturers, that will give our resellers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We work with our resellers before the sale to make sure that solutions are properly provisioned and after the sale to make sure that they are properly installed.

US East Coast

Computer Telephony Distributing runs all of its technical support, production and east coast fulfillment out of its headquarters in Greenville, SC

Greenville is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountain chain of the Appalachian mountains and is less than three hours from the white sand beaches of the Atlantic ocean. It is situated on I-85 halfway between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA.

Rockwell, Hitachi, and General Electric all have large facilities in Greenville with BMW and Michelin both having their North American headquarters in the greater Greenville area.

Greenville’s rich natural resources, vibrant arts and dining scene, and the presence of international high technology companies coupled with a slower pace of life and a lower cost of living makes Greenville a great place for technical employees to work and live.

Our Greenville office draws from this high tech labor pool to provide 24/7 in office and on call technical support, top notch sales engineering, and high tech production services.

Emerging Markets

Computer Telephony Distributing has warehousing and fulfillment relationships in major markets throughout the United States and Canada and can help companies quickly develop a regional supply presence in those markets. With Computer Telephony Distributing, your distribution chain will grow as your distribution needs expand.