With our 10Gbps network spanning over 25 data centres, we are able to provide a range of leading connectivity choices.

We combine our renowned network with our partners’ networks to supply you with the quickest routes for your Internet traffic. With C4L, you won’t be tied to one network and one supplier, you can choose the suppliers you’re happy with to carry your traffic.
Network services C4L provide:

Tier1 IP Transit
Tier 1 IP Transit provides connectivity to companies such as TiNet (formally known as Tiscali), NTT and Teleglobe which is available via any of the data centres we use. With the infrastructure in place we decrease implementation time and can often establish a Tier1 IP Transit connection in half the time of going direct. Our Tier1 IP Transit service is run over a diverse WDM Fibre Global network.
Multihomed IP Transit
Multihomed IP Transit is a Tier two connection, providing the fastest route available for your traffic. Multihomed IP Transit ensures diversity to cover for failings of any provider in terms of network downtime. C4L provides dual port options to create a truly resilient network to ensure 100% uptime, keeping you online all the time.
Partial IP Transit
Partial IP Transit utilises over 90,000 routes from our peering partnerships and Internet Exchanges. Partial IP Transit gives you connectivity but for the fraction of the cost of Tier1 or Multihomed IP Transit. The routes used on Partial Transit will provide you with the majority of the UK and a large amount of Europe.
At C4L our network has been designed to provide interlinks for now and the future. C4L is one of the only companies able to facilitate this through providing 10Gbps connections between multiple sites across the UK. If our customers request to run their own Ethernet platform, we can provide dark fibre and wavelengths between locations in order to facilitate this. We have a presence in over 25 data centres that can provide interlinks and IP services.