Our dedication to R&D activities has been leaving vivid footprints in the VoIP industry, and we are proud to introduce those outputs to answer various demands from telecommunication society seeking for killer solution out of flooding technologies.

Nowadays, broaden bandwidth enables various multimedia communication applications not only in voice but also video and mobile area. DAVOLINK, as a frontier broadband convergence solution provider, is leading the way to Information Society in which everyone can freely exchange and share information.

We are pleased to introduce our strength.

Our IP Telephony solutions are fully proved in the real telecommunication networks. How harsh the telecommunication environment would be, our products are easily applied to the structure of the network with great stability.

Our IP Telephony solutions support global standard VoIP technologies, such as SIP, H.323 and MGCP protocols. Seamless interoperability with other VoIP systems including call agents, gatekeepers and softswitchs is our extraordinary advantage.