Dialexia Communications is a next generation communication software and services company established in 2001 in the Techno-Park area of Montreal, Canada. A leader in voice and data convergence, Dialexia develops and delivers a complete set of IP telephony solutions specifically for SMEs and carriers. Dialexia prides itself in being one of the only companies in the world that provide custom-design VoIP solutions to address the special needs of its customers.

Soon after its establishment, Dialexia released Dial-Office, a full-featured IP IP PBX – Small Business solution that came to replace the costly circuit-switched enterprise telephone system. This IP IP PBX – Small Business was a superstar, and many companies from around the world were quick to use it. For example, a Canadian insurance company uses Dial-Office as its IP IP PBX – Small Business, deploying over 300 seats dispersed across 9 remote sites.
Then came Dial-Gate, a web-based softswitch and billing server for the VoIP and PSTN networks. Like Dial-Office, Dial-Gate sold across the world. For example, Dial-Gate is the softswitch currently being used by a South American telephone carrier that serves more than 10,000 subscribers.
In 2008, Dialexia released HERO, a complete hosted IP PBX – Small Business solution made for operators and large corporations wanting to host IP IP PBX – Small Business services at their premises. One of Dialexia