Founded in 1997, DSG Technology is a leading supplier of Computer Telephony and IP Communication equipment. DSG Technology’s head office is located in a rapidly growing high tech area in Taiwan, with branch offices located in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, and United States. With over 10 years of proven experience in over 30 countries worldwide, and the help of long-term local partners, this business module allowed us to rapidly grow and gave us advantages over our competitors. DSG Technology continuously strives to design competitive and high-quality products based on the DSP Voice Technology such as Voice Mail Systems, Recording Systems, Voice Gateways, and VoIP equipment. To date, DSG has sold over 300,000 ports of CT products worldwide.

In recent years, with the advances in IP telephony and the rapid proliferation of the World Wide Web, it is not a surprise to see the IP as the leading technology in the telephony world. Traditional IP PBX – Small Business architecture alone can no longer satisfy the globalization of enterprises. It is based on this fact that DSG Technology has invested heavily in our engineering manpower and resources to integrate our past experiences in the voice and VoIP applications to create an intelligent enterprise level IP telephony system. The result is our Blaze series IP-IP PBX – Small Business, which provides all the advantages of IP telephony such as mobility, availability, scalability, and flexibility while maintaining the same key system operation enterprise users are accustomed to.

Besides the Blaze series IP-IP PBX – Small Business, we took one step further, integrating voice and data to come up with the CTI Link, a powerful yet affordable call center solution for small to medium sized enterprises for today’s competitive business world. Using the data generated by the Blaze IP-IP PBX – Small Business and an easy to use administration tool, CTI Link helps to increase the company’s performance while at the same time increase customer satisfaction.

Over the years, DSG has seen the rise and decline of Internet telephony. Persistent with our philosophy and objective, our main goal is to deliver the best possible yet competitive solution to all communication needs. With the impeccable quality and after-sales support already known to our worldwide partners, we are here to bring a long-term strategic partnership to all our customers.