Dynasoft Ltd is an ICT service provider based in the UK, specialising in architecting solutions aimed at empowering businesses with innovative computer products and services. Our philosophy is to offer proximity to the end-client and offer solutions that truly translate into value-added for businesses.
Billing Software Solutions – Telecommunications, cybercafe billing software and more

We offer quality and competitively priced solutions that help businesses perform their billing tasks, bookkeeping, invoicing, inventory tracking, stock, sales and orders, along with software development services. Our current systems include a convergent Telecom and Voice over IP billing, mediation and reconciliation solution (Dynasoft TeleFactura) and a leading Pro and Free Cyber and Internet cafe software (Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop).

Offshore E-Commerce – Low tax offshore strategies for e-businesses

Thanks to our partnerships, we are able to offer offshore, low tax, fully secure, turnkey, Internet payment systems and hosting services for corporations looking for transaction acquisition and settlement solutions for their Internet business. We can provide sophisticated technology services to companies combining computer networking; software development; systems integration; and electronic commerce solutions through strategic partnerships in Jersey and Guernsey (Channel Islands, GB).

Dynasoft Telecoms Services – CS, CPS and VoIP solutions for businesses and callshops

Truly global, we can competitively connect up any location on the planet to the telephone grid through our copper-wire, callback and Voice over IP services. We also offer Carrier Select code and Preselect in Belgium, France, and the UK. All our prices are free of any VAT for everyone in the EU as we are based offshore, but close to home, in Europe, on the island of Jersey. The markets we supply to are home users, businesses, callshops, teleboutiques and taxiphones in Europe and beyond.