Eutectics Inc. specializes in the design and development of advanced telephony equipment. After spending many years developing communication systems for companies such as V-Band, Bogen Communications, RADVision and Timeplex our founders realized that the VoIP industry today is hampered by a lack of CPE options.

Eutectics has an experienced, highly focused team and five patents pending on its core technology. We are uniquely positioned to address the need for better, more cost effective CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) for the emerging converged voice and data industry.

Growth prospects for the converged voice and data market are strong. IDC estimates the core Internet Telephony market will grow 127% per annum to reach $61.3 Billion by 2005. Global PC sales are in excess of 140 million units per year. The vast majority of these PC are shipped with Windows XP, which includes a SIP stack and full telephony capabilities.

A decade ago, the invention and proliferation of the mouse played a key role in the transformation of PC-DOS into Windows. Today in-expensive, high quality USB IP phones will play a key role in transforming PC Voice Communications. The industry is in dire need of end user devices, ideally they should integrate seamlessly with the PC.