Founded in 1999, Indigo Software architects new IP communications solutions for enterprises and their service providers. Indigo Software is privately funded by European investors and has operations in both Europe and the US. In addition, Indigo Software has formed strategic partnerships and has established local presence in, amongst others, Africa and Asia.

IP communications – including voice and video over IP, presence and instant messaging, voice, video and data conferencing – are steadily taking more revenue share from traditional telephony and conferencing providers. Three drivers are behind this evolution. Firstly, broadband access is fast becoming ubiquitous in the workplace and broadband connections at home are growing exponentially. Secondly, IP communications solutions are cheaper than traditional equipment and enable additional cost reductions through network convergence. Thirdly, IP communications offer more features, better integration and more flexibility.

Indigo has always been at the spearhead of this evolution, both in terms of its technology choices and product concepts. Indigo