Founded in 1996, Inovaware Corporation is a worldwide leader in billing and customer care billing solutions and has successfully deployed its billing software to over 600 customers in over 30 countries. Inovaware specializes in the WiMax billing, Broadband Wireless Access, security services, broadband, VOIP, IPTV, ISP, content providers, ASPs, WiFi, web hosting billing and voip billing markets as well as to any company using IP-centric technologies as a key part of its business.

Through its unique Synchronized Business Infrastructure (SBI) solution, Inovaware has been successful in integrating complex billing, customer management and support functionalities along with key marketing and business reporting requirements into one seamless and highly functional IP-centric voip billing solution.

Inovaware powers the Internet by delivering mission-critical ISP IP billing and customer management solutions enabling companies–that use the Internet as a key part of their business–to profitably manage customers, accelerate roll-out of new services and maximize revenue generation.

As an early player in the Internet industry, Inovaware has decades of web hosting, billing, and software expertise as well as consulting experience across a wide range of platforms.

With an extensive background in developing and supporting large scale database application, decades of managing IP networks throughout the world and years of owning and operating online services, Inovaware is an Internet billing company that customers can rely and depend on to deliver the highest value in IP billing and customer management software solutions for those relying on the Internet to conduct their business