A Growing Trend
While telephone service is easily obtained everywhere across the nation, this was not always the case. In fact, after the telephone was invented, business interests never planned for its use much outside of our largest metropolitan areas. The reason was simple: less populated areas required more resources–and more capital–to connect to the system.
Everyone deserves a share
Rural citizens, however, demanded the same telephone service that those in the cities enjoyed. In response, thoUnited Statesnds of small Independent Telephone Companies (ITCs) were founded to serve rural residents across the nation.
Reaching out to Rural residents
After more than a century of efficient, rural phone service, a challenge presented itself to ITCs and their customers in 1984. With the breakup of AT&T and the Bell companies, most Americans could finally choose between multiple long distance carriers–but not rural residents. The reason for this was the same as it was in the early days of telephone service: it simply wasn’t economically feasible for long distance carriers to expand their networks to reach rural customers.
The Birth of Iowa Network Services
To solve this dilemma in Iowa, a group of 127 visionary Independent Telephone Companies came together to form Iowa Network Services (INS). In 1989, INS finished work on a state-wide fiber optic network that connected 150 ITCs and their customers to a central hub in Des Moines for Centralized Equal Access. From this central location, major long distance carriers are able to connect cost-effectively with even the smallest communities, giving rural Iowans access to affordable long distance choices.
The mission of Iowa Network Services remains the same today as when we were founded in 1986: to fulfill the needs of Independent Telephone Companies which, in turn, offer their customers the latest in telephony and technology.
Evolving on a Promise
While our goals remain unchanged, the way in which we achieve them continues to evolve through technological advances and the demands of our customers. We may have started with Long Distance, but we’ve added Internet Services, Network Management Services, Voice-Over Internet Protocol telephony and Digital Entertainment Television. We also serve as a link for national and international telecommunications networks.
Fiber Helps
Much of our success is due to the thoUnited Statesnds of miles of INS Fiber Optic Network that transfer digital signals at tremendous speeds. This network operates through two Iowa switching centers which provide fiber optic access to over 330 Iowa communities and over half a million customers.
Time to Get Technical
Since the Network was completed in 1989, it has been constantly upgraded and updated, with redundancy added, to bring customers the most reliable and sophisticated technological services. For the utmost reliability, the thoUnited Statesnds of miles comprising our fiber optic cable network employ a SONET architecture which recognizes fiber cuts and reroutes traffic before our service is interrupted or degraded.
At INS, we’re proud to deliver the latest communications technologies to Independent Telephone Companies and businesses and to serve as a conduit in making world class communications possible.