ipDialog is headquartered in the Silicon Valley town of Sunnyvale, California and has a R&D office in Chandigarh, India. The company was founded in 1999 by a team of experienced telecommunications and networking experts with a vision of making VoIP technology ubiquitous.

The company designs, develops and owns all of its hardware and software technology.

Our products are compatible with a number of Nortel servers and IP-IP PBX – Small Businesss, and with Asterisk, SER and a multitude of other popular SIP IP-IP PBX – Small Businesses.
Unlike many VoIP phone manufacturers, we control every aspect of our phone design and manufacture. We build all of the software and hardware content in the phone ourselves, including the SIP stack, the user interface and the media stream handling. As a result, we have a very stable and mature product with superior audio rendering technology and better price/performance than comparable offerings. Most importantly, since we develop all our own technology in house, we can rapidly customize the phones for particular applications and/or IP PBX – Small Businesss.