Founded in 1986 and publicly listed (TAIEX 6245) since 2003, Lanner Electronics Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified designer and manufacturer of reliable, frontline network security, network video and embedded computing platforms.

Network Communications Specialist
Lanner services a vast proportion of the network communication market including network security, storage, and Video over IP applications. Our network application platforms employ an innovative modular design, providing unmatched adaptability and longevity. Our bar-setting network video platforms incorporate the latest video technologies for the highest quality video with the lowest bandwidth consumption for tomorrow’s advanced video applications. And our extensive line of embedded computing platforms provide unmatched flexibility and reliability for long-life industrial applications. Lanner offers 5-7 years life-cycle product longevity, 100% customized service at the board and system level, and complete hardware and BIOS version control.

Excellence in Design and Manufacturing