The history of the West Liberty Telephone Company began in 1899, with the hope to acquire 75 subscribers. The first 75 years brought slow and steady change. Major changes occurred in 1984, both within the industry and the West Liberty Telephone Company. The breakup of AT&T by the Federal government forever changed the face of the industry. Also the purchase of the West Branch Telephone Company by West Liberty Telephone created the eighth largest independent telephone company in Iowa. In January of 1997, we changed our name to Liberty Communications. After more than seven decades of doing business as West Liberty Telephone Company, the name change was made to reflect the different communication services offered. The pace of change quickly accelerates with the introduction of Voicemail, CallerID, Pagers and of course Internet service and the world wide web. With the turn of the century the pace within the industry accelerates even more rapidly. Liberty Communications launched Digital TV service and replaced the copper network with a Fiber to the Home network capable of delivering 100M to each house. One thing is certain in the telecom industry