MTA was formed in 1953 to serve residents in Palmer, Alaska. Today, MTA’s service area extends across nearly 10,000 square miles – south to Eagle River, north to Anderson, east to Glacier View, and west to Skwentna. MTA stores are located in Palmer, Eagle River, and Wasilla, Alaska.

MTA invests in the highest quality and most advanced products available in the industry, including extensive fiber optic cabling and electronic platforms to support broadband signals such as digital subscriber loop (DSL).

As an integral part of the community, MTA and its employees donate their time and money to support local charity programs such as the United Way, 4-H, Toys for Tots, youth programs, food banks, and senior programs.

As a cooperative, MTA was formed to serve its member-owners. The benefits of patronizing a cooperative are:

Open Membership. Anyone who uses a cooperative’s services and is willing to accept the responsibilities of membership is eligible to become a member.

One Member, One Vote. Power is shared equally among all members. Co-ops are based on democratic principles. Members elect a board of directors and vote on specific issues.

Limited Return on Investment. The purpose of a cooperative is to provide a service to its members, not to make a profit.

Surplus is Returned to the Members. Capital Credits are returned to the members in proportion to their patronage.