MTS focuses on the enterprise’s need to manage their telecom expenses via a complete telecom life cycle of procurement, asset management, help desk, budget control, invoice processing, contract and vendor management, quality of service, performance management, mobile management, and dispute management.

MTS also provides a complete suite of carrier grade B/OSS solutions enabling TELCOS, emerging MVNOs, IPTV providers and utility providers, to provision and service their customers and partners.

With customers ranging from hospitality, healthcare, legal services, transportation and education to utilities, government, insurance and banking, MTS TEM Suite is a complete set of modules and services that encompasses the TEM needs of modern organizations. Among the variety of modules available is the ability to track communication expenditure via the audit and Budget Control modules that provide efficient actionable monthly reviews and balance sheets.

The Invoice Management and contract negotiation modules allow TEM customers to monitor invoices, disputes, late fees and the performance of vendors, reducing significantly the overall telecom spend. The Call Accounting, QoS, and Asset Management modules facilitate the management of interdepartmental efficiencies, the quality of the telecom infrastructure, and United Statesge of telecom resources within the organization enabling them to redeploy the assets in an operative way. The Tenant Resale and Private Calls Management modules give organizations the capability to examine and allocate the telecom United Statesge, and chargeback costs to appropriate departments.

MTS provides Wireless Management and Optimization tools to cover resources used outside of the immediate traditional PSTN network, allowing managers to reveal United Statesge trends, and establish operational cost saving guidelines and personal accountability. The advanced TCOM engines provide customers with visibility of telecom costs, eliminate unnecessary expenses and reveal the future trends, enabling forward planning and optimization of resource United Statesge.

MTS also provides a carrier grade, scalable, multi-lingual, multi-currency, robust and flexible Billing and Operations Support System (B/OSS) that simplifies the way in which operators and service providers settle with their customers and interconnect with value added partners in a variety of markets and lines of business. MTS Total-e, ‘out of the box’ solutions are pre-configured to support the provision of wireless, Wireline and VoIP services as well as address the needs of IPTV, Gaming, Content, and general utility operators.