Netbricks, now part of ENEA, and is a worldwide leader in providing telecommunication technologies to the OEM marketplace. Netbricks has facilities and selected representatives on three continents, a worldwide base of more than 400 clients including many industry leaders, and more than 1,000 different products, based on its technologies, are being marketed worldwide.

All the family of Netbricks software products, known collectively as “BRICKS”, share a common design and layered architecture, which provide the customers the freedom to choose the CPU/Chipset, the OS/RTOS and the compiler for their platform.Thanks to its wide portfolio of protocol stacks and to the modular architecture of its “BRICKS”, Netbricks has a great degree of flexibility to realize solutions for multiple telecom applications, like protocol translator as an example. Today, in particular, Netbricks is a technology enabler for a seamless transition from today’s circuit switching into tomorrow’s packet switching, by combining our signaling expertise in TDM (SS7, ISDN, ATM…) and IMS networks (SIGTRAN, MEGACO, SIP, DIAMETER…). Netbricks know-how also includes signal processing with software products in SOFTMODEM covering both Data-Fax modulations and Voice Processing software.

Netbricks is respected for the quality of the source code, for the technical expertise, and for the responsiveness of the technical support. Besides, our technically advanced implementations and easy-to-use APIs enable our customers to achieve leading edge equipment at low cost and fast time-to-market. So, we encourage you to utilize our “BRICKS” as buiding blocks for your next data and telecommunication projects.