ission statement
The Octoshape mission is to enable the next evolution of TV quality video delivery over the Internet focusing on the highest quality, highest scale, and sustainable economics. We believe that excellence in each of these categories is unique to Octoshape and will spark profitable business models giving way to the next phase in the explosion of Internet delivered video.

Highest Quality
Octoshape uses a patented throughput optimization technology to blast through last mile congestion and latency problems delivering the highest quality, most resilient Internet video available in the space today.

Highest Scale
Octoshape was used to support the largest live event on the Internet, the Inauguration coverage of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. The event served over 1.34 MM simultaneous live viewers. The Octoshape Infinite Edge technology uses a unique grid delivery system to enable larger audiences than ever before achievable on the Internet. In events where standard delivery break down, the Octoshape Infinite edge technology combined with the throughput optimization technologies deliver the highest quality video, to the largest audiences to date on the Internet.

Sustainable Costs
The Octoshape technologies combined, flip current CDN models on their heads. We enable CDN’s to deploy fewer hosts, in more centralized geographic locations while still delivering a higher quality experience than any other platform in the space today. This allows the customer to benefit from an aggressive price point that is sustainable for both the customer and the CDN in this commoditized delivery market.