One Unified takes a systems approach to managing global network operations. The professionals at One Unified work with networks of all sorts. They are particularily good at networks that deal with IP based voice traffic: VOIP and IP Telephony. Cisco Networks managed with Open Source tools is their focus.

One Unified takes the scientific approach to network management. Purchasing more bandwidth is a solution for some instances, but tracking down errors and fixing them on Wide Area links can be a more cost effective solution. Likewise, using applying appropriate traffic classification and management tools can make the most efficient use of limited bandwidth.

Open Source tools and a few custom Monitoring scripts provide visual feedback that networks are working to design. One Unified has brought together a number of useful Open Source network monitoring and management packages to make a network administrator’s job easier.

One Unified has the expertise necessary for designing, installing, and supporting Cisco’s full range of Unified Communications solutions. Whether you need a single office, single location solution or a custom engineered globally integrated solution, we can help you define and realize your requirements.