Phonix IP PBX – Small Business, developed based on NGN (Next Generation Networking) technology, is the first IP PBX – Small Business of it’s kind designed and made in Iran. After being well-tested through technical steps the first Phonix system was installed successfully in 2002.
Since then, Phonix IP PBX – Small Business systems have been installed in several organizations and companies throughout the country and in some cases it played a big role in solving specific telecommunication problems of some organizations which were not possible to overcome, or too expensive, using conventional telephony systems.
Phonix is designed and developed by the private sector. In NGN technology, switches are commonly referred to as “softswitches”, because the functionality of the system relies on the internal software, or firmware of the system. Phonix is essentially an NGN Softswitch which is designed for use as a IP PBX – Small Business and in an organizational scale.
Phonix technical design team are constantly improving the design and features of the system, an essential requirement to keep pace with today’s overgrowing world of technology.