Pottawatomie Telephone Company is an Independent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) providing local telephone services to approximately 2100 subscribers East of OKC since the early 1900’s.

Over the last 10 years Pottawatomie Telephone Company has invested heavily into the local infrastructure allowing the latest technology to be available to its customers. Whether it is installing a 120-mile local fiber optic SONET Network for improving voice and data service, DSL services, or bringing the Internet backbone to Earlsboro, Pottawatomie Telephone Company has committed itself to providing its customers the latest service offerings.

Pottawatomie Telephone Company’s parent company MBO Corporation, a full solutions provider, operates a 1500-mile SONET Network throughout the state supporting additional offerings to Pottawatomie Telephone Company’s customers. Between MBO and Pottawatomie Telephone Company’s many ventures are services that include transport over the SONET network, High-Speed Internet and Pottawatomie Digital Television.