RADCOM provides innovative Service Assurance solutions for communications service providers and equipment vendors. RADCOM specializes in solutions for next-generation networks, both wireless and wireline. RADCOM’s comprehensive, carrier strength solutions are used to prevent service provider revenue leakage and enable management of customer care. RADCOM”s products facilitate fault management, network service performance analysis, troubleshooting and pre-mediation with an OSS/BSS.

RADCOM: a key player for enabling seamless adoption of converged technologies and maintaining subscriber’s Quality of Service

RADCOM’s products are essential for the successful rollout and maintenance of next-generation cellular networks and IMS, VoIP and IPTV wireline networks. RADCOM’s leading solutions make it easy for network performance and analysis, thereby ensuring a trouble-free network environment. In a telecom market focused on the subscriber experience, RADCOM’s solution provides tools for understanding the real user experience and maintaining highest-quality network performance.

Through deployment by some of the telecom industry’s most prestigious and demanding players, RADCOM’s tools have proven their ability to be flexible and responsive, despite rapidly changing technology, rising customer requirements, evolving industry standards and frequent new product introductions. The fact that RADCOM’s solutions are highly cost-effective is a critical differentiator in this competitive market.

With its combination of unique system solutions, flexible corporate structure and broad vision, RADCOM is positioned to anticipate and meet the future needs of its customers.