Rivada Networks is a leading designer, integrator and operator of wireless, interoperable public safety communications networks. We provide advanced communications solutions to First Responders at Local, State and Federal levels.

Through our innovative public safety communications solutions, we are able to address the limitations of existing public safety networks through the use of cellular networks and commercial off-the-shelf technology. The Rivada offering is focused on delivering wireless, cellular voice, video and data in the immediate aftermath of a major incident, when all other communications infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed.

The reliable, fully interoperable, and cost-effective alternative to building expensive dedicated infrastructure that Rivada offers gives users the ability to leverage advanced communications capability such as:

  • GPS Location based services
  • IP Push-to-Talk
  • High speed streaming video
  • Remote Wireless High Speed Internet
  • Location based surveillance

Rivada's current customers consist of a diverse range of federal, state, and local agencies including USNORTHCOM, the National Guard Bureau, DHS, FEMA, multiple states, and various state and local agencies.