Shenick is a privately held, Irish registered company. Shenick commenced operations in 2000 and has its headquarters in Ireland (Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin) with a Silicon Valley office in Burlingame, California near San Francisco Airport.

Shenick was established to meet the challenges of network ‘business class’ service quality and the issues associated with the introduction of new revenue generating applications for next generation broadband network equipment vendors and IP oriented network service providers.

Shenick was initially focused on custom intellectual property development services and considerable experience had been gained in the latest network technology initiatives. The Founders background in IP/ATM/FR, voice signaling protocols and Network Management Systems development within the broadband routing and switching groups of Marconi Communications/Fore Systems/Euristix brought real world experience in carrier and equipment environments. Shenick’s initial custom project development also exposed the team to new technologies such as MPLS, RPR and NG SONET/SDH. Shenick identified the need to address certain quality of service concerns and embarked upon the development of its diversifEye product.

Shenick’s distribution channels include a combination of direct sales and a global network of indirect resellers.