SIPfoundry is the home of the sipXecs open source unified communications and collaboration project. If you are looking to replace your aging (IP) IP PBX – Small Business with an all software modern communications solution that scales to mid-size and large enterprise, look no further. We are community dedicated to the development of SIP and XMPP based communications solutions. Founded in 2004 as an independent 501(3)c not-for-profit corporation based in Massachusetts, SIPfoundry is governed by an independent board of directors. SIPfoundry is open an invites all interested parties to cooperate and collaborate. While the sipXecs project is the largest active project at SIPfoundry, we are open to make available our infrastructure to other interested projects. A commercial enterprise edition of the sipXecs solution is available from eZuce with full support, software maintenance, training, indemnification, and other services.