Inc. Sukaiueibu Established in 1997, we developed IPCommunication software early in the industry as a pioneer of IPCommunication, “SkyIP-IP PBX – Small Business”, including the offer to the market through partners number of the software-based solutions and. Software-based standards
Our products are SIP-enabled, and the convenience of those who use us, and scalability that can meet the needs of future advanced, Sukaiueibu unique solution based on leading-edge high technology and .

Since 2007, IP-leading application server technology needs of the SaaS market advantage gained in IP PBX – Small Business “CAS (Communication Application Server)” has started to provide. In the Japanese market, offers unprecedented voice application creation environment. Even now, the future and to help you achieve the best communication needs of each customer, and this is our mission to provide solutions that will enjoy more convenient and easy to use, and goals.