Telsey has the objective to design and deliver solutions for the modernization of broadband access networks, thus improving time to market and revenues of its clients. Telsey has the resources, know-how and technology to create innovative products high quality that allows it to act as a world leader in its market segment. Telsey is a worldwide leader in the design and production of Access Gateways, IP-Video Station and other solutions that allow, in a simple and effective, from both home and , access and use of multimedia communication services to broadband. Specializing in equipment for the modernization of the access networks, Telsey has extreme flexibility in the high technological capacity and speed their design strengths. Thanks to the development of access systems for IP (Internet Protocol), Telsey minimizes time to market and improve the competitiveness of service providers next-generation telecommunications. Characterized by a high level of internationalization and a boost to technological innovation, Telsey , is supporting a significant growth process, which will further reinforce its business in the Italian market and to attack even more determined and decided on international market. Telsey is based on its technological expertise and decades of experience to offer solutions for access and use of broadband communication services and strongly believes in the increasing diffusion of such technologies and services that will improve the quality the life and work.