Innovation in technology systems is at the heart of what we do as a telecoms systems and software product company. However, like our customers, we think that enabling technology as tools and means to ends, and not ends in themselves. The development of our robust and scalable system and software products as the tools to enable and power innovative subscriber services are guided first and foremost by the objective of designing and delivering solutions that make immediate business sense for our customers.
We offer a range of solutions that tackle business challenges and problems in a practical way, and that yield lasting improvements and meaningful benefits for our customers, whether they are in the early stages of growing their business or find themselves in a mature, well-developed telecoms services market with a high subscriber penetration rate. We have been working alongside many customers as the mobile telecoms industry has grown from a niche, business-user focused service to one that is a truly affordable, mass-market consumer service in many countries today. We appreciate the significant investment that all of our customers must make from day one