The Joint Stock Company Uzbektelecom is the largest telecommunication operator which covers with its network the whole territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Using its telecommunication network based on modern technologies, the Company offers to operators and providers of fixed-line and mobile services, international/long-distance service, data transmission such services as lease of channels, all kinds of voice and data services, access to the Internet, videoconferencing, CDMA standard mobile services, as well as arranges channels for television and radio broadcasting. The Company is the largest provider of telecommunication services for the state institutions and departments.

The Uzbektelecom JSC continuously cooperates with international communication organizations, participates in international telecommunication projects, and carries out bilateral cooperation with foreign operators and manufacturers of telecommunication equipment. The Uzbektelecom JSC actively interacts with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Regional Commonwealth of Communications (RCC), International Satellite Organization Intelsat, and others; it is a member of the Steering Committee of the Trans-Asia-Europe Fiber Optical Line (TAE), is a member of the RCC’s Board of Operators.

The Company has 19 branches, 14 of them are provincial and 5 are specialized, and has 2 subsidiaries. The Uzbektelecom JSC owns shares in eight joint ventures which provide fixed-line and mobile communication services, long-distance and internation commnication services, as well as data transmission and Internet.

Local telecommunication network of the Company includes more than 2 thousand automatic telephone systems with a capacity over 2 million telephone numbers, 93,6% of which are digital. Digitalization of local telecommunication network has enabled to substantially increase the quality of telecommunication networks operation, provided network users with new kinds of services, and enabled organizing high-speed dial-up access to the Internet for wide variety of users.

The transport network of the Company is organized of fiber-optical and radio-relay lines based on modern network technologies SDH, which secures multi-level network control. To provide new kinds of services with high quality and expand their assortment, gradual transition to high speed-transmission systems of STM-1/4/16/64, DWDM, IP/MPLS types is being carried out.

All providers of the republic are provided with an access to Global Internet through International Packet Switching Center.

Access to the Internet and data transmission networks of the Uzbektelecom JSC is implemented by the subsidiaries of the Company through dedicated lines using xDSL technology, RadioEthernet and switched access through Dial-Up. List of the services rendered by the Uzbektelecom JSC through data transmission networks includes access to the Internet, VPN, videoconferencing, design and construction of corporate networks, and others. By means of international voice gateway connection VoIP of “Uzbektelecom” company its subsidiaries render international telephone communication services by prepaid cards.

The Uzbektelecom JSC provides international telephone services via two international switching centers, and maintain partnership relations with more than 20 international traditional communication operators.

Company’s subsidiary Uzbektelecom Mobile offers mobile communication and data trasnmission services in CDMA standard in all provinces of the Republic.

To improve training process and a professional development of Company’s specialists, specialized subsidiary Engineers and Technicians Center (ETC) was founded in 2003 with direct assistance of the Uzbek Agency of Communication and Information (UzACI) and the Tashkent University of Information Technologies (TUIT). In 2006, the Center was equipped with appropriate facilities and provided with necessary conditions for training.

Combined efforts of UzACI, TUIT, and Uzbektelecom JSC in cooperation with foreign companies enabled to establish a training center the only to date in the Central Asian region for training and professional development of informatization and telecommunications specialists of not only telecommunication companies but also ministries and departments of different sectors of economy of the republic.